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Best Beard Oil 2019 (April) Review & Ultimate Guide

August 14, 2018 1 Comment

Best Beard Oil 2019

Best British Beard Oil Reviews - Everything You Need to Know

So you’re a proud beard owner and looking for the darn best beard oil in the UK for 2018? Of course, you are, that’s why you’re here.

Here’s briefly what we are going to discuss:

  • What exactly is beard oil?
  • What does it do for you (i.e what are the benefits)?
  • How to make the most of it?

And of course, which is the best to get and why?

You can of course skip to which section is most relevant for you.

What is Beard Oil?

Although beard oil has actually been around for a long, long time. It’s only in the last 4 or so years (if you consult this handy google trends tool) that you can see that it’s really become popular.

But why?

Well, it’s a combination of two things: i) the so called beard boom and ii) basically comes down to how well it performs for your beard.

So exactly what is beard oil?

So exactly what is beard oil?

It’s a special formulated cocktail of oils. Specifically, carrier oils and essential oils. Now because of the different compositions, the way they are blended and brewed.

You are going to get various qualities of beard oil. 

Basically put, not all beard oil is the same. Not by a long shot.

You will have home brewers (quite like ourselves) who put a lot of time into researching, experimenting, blending and generally try to concote the perfect beard oil to help achieve a number of benefits for your beard (that we will discuss in a bit later) basically top quality beard oils.

Then there are mass produced beard oils that can end up using lesser quality oils etc. and don’t achieve the same results (and ones we generally advise guys to stay away from). We’ll discuss more about the ingredients later, but you can find out more detail about exactly what goes into a beard oil here.

What Does it Do?

Now as well all know beard oil helps with attracting the ladies (we even have numerous scientific studies to show us that), but what beard oil basically does, in a nutshell, is help you to better maintain a glorious looking beard.

Now this is where a lot of guys get sort of disappointed, but really they needn’t be - it just sort of works for them, different to how they were expecting it to.

They think that by an applying beard oil that it will actually directly cause their beard to grow more, this is just not the case. Only certified hair growth products will help you with that.

That said, beard oil will help to encourage you to grow healthier, better-looking beard hair which can then give the look and appearance of making a lighter beard look darker (and therefore thicker). Plus, there is more to it as well.

  • It acts as a natural fragrance.

Instead of having to invest in a cologne, applying a beard oil is a natural cologne that will give you a deep rich blend in a variety of masculine tones. For instance, what else can provide a bay rum and cigar subtle blended note? The Outlaw Beard oil can. 

  • Helps to moisturise 

With all the natural oils that you will soon see featured, it helps to act as a great moisturiser not just to help soften your beard hairs but the very foundation of your beard too. Your skin, with the likes of Vitamin E and use of Coconut oil etc. it will help to bring a fresher feel to your beard.

  • Prevents the run of beardy issues

 The real benefit of beard oil is the all the problems you actually won’t come across as a result of regular application. You are far less likely to run into issues such as itchiness, beard shedding, beard dandruff (yes, it’s a real thing) and os on.

There’s whole load of other benefits to using beard oil too.

See a lot of guys ask for the before and after shots.

And ‘yes’ although a beard oil will improve the aesthetic of your beard, that’s not where the main benefits the lie, it’s in the intangibles. It’s how it makes your beard smell, the gorgeous and masculine aroma that it perudes. The way it makes your beard feel as opposed to being scraggly, dry and wiry, it will instead feel softer, cosier and generally less of a nuisance.

Best British Beard Oils

Where to get the best beard oils online? Well, we’re glad you asked. Actually right here. In order of the best selling (August, 2018): 

Down By The River

This beard oil is a classic scented blend of Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood to create a rather mystic and subtle earthy scent offering a crisp aroma. It’s easy to see why it goes straight to our number one best selling beard oil.

The Outlaw

Our premium ranged beard oil has proven itself as an all time best seller. It combines the absolute crisp of masculinity with a gorgeous and bold bay rum scent and cigar fragrance that’s not too overpowering but won’t whittle off either after just 30 minutes. Probably goes down as one of our personal favourites.

 Rusky Love

Creating a brisk blend between cinnamon and rosemary along with lavender notes, this is probably or most famous scented beard oil. It’s superbly enticing and as our bearded chaps have let us know it goes down pretty well with the other half too.

Old Smoke

Again. A much loved scent amongst the loyal beardy folks of Robin Hood Beard Co. and to be fair, I really don’t think they get much manlier than this. A sweet whiskey scented combined with cedarwood to capture a really appealing aroma. 

Dark Honey

With the use of sweet, sweet honey as well as patchouli the Dark Honey is a truly unique blend that offers a rich calming scent that boasts character and is sure to give you that much needed “lift me up” aspect in the morning before you head out to work.

Forest Fruits

Perhaps our proudest creation and quite frankly awesome. Certainly a beard oil to take advantage of in the summertime - combining a wide range of citrus fragrance from Grapefruit to Tangerine - it really does give that chilled out summer sweet vibe.   


Combining almond and grapefruit the Temptation is a rather unique scent that captures the essence of Christmas and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling right after you take a good deep whiff of it.

Who Should You Use Beard Oil?

 It’s pretty much for any guy who is looking to grow out some facial hair.

We even recommend it to guys to who haven’t got a single hair yet but are about to embark the epic journey of growing out a beard as it will help them set the proper foundations for a quality beard and they are much less likely to run into issues (especially in the early set phases when they are battling the likes of the itchy beard phase).

 For guys looking for a beard oil for stubble or a shorter, even mid sized beard.

We advise them to look for oils that are of a lighter blend (like our range) rather than a thick beard oil, as you will have issues with it being a bit uncomfortable and get that groggy, greasy feeling right through the day - and you’re going to think you need a beard oil alternative, when really the oil just wasn’t right for you at the time (perhaps would have been better suited to a guy with a longer thicker beard).

 Like we say though, if beard oil just isn’t your thing - there are plenty of other options out there for you to keep your beard well groomed and conditioned - check out our solid beard moisturising balm for instance (in fact many of them use it alongside the oil for extra softening and conditioning powers). 

Ingredients Breakdown

 Ingredients Breakdown

So what actually makes a beard oil so special? Aren’t they all the same? What’s the difference between one beard oil and another? And so on.

We get a lot of questions like this and we think this post is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what actually goes into a beard oil (with a complete breakdown of the ingredients) why it is good for you and your beard - and essentially why it is more than worth it to keep regularly applying it. 

But more importantly we want you to realise that actually - beard oil isn’t all the same. The extra efforts companies like ourselves make and the extremely high targets we set ourselves in producing the best darn beard oil around - we end up producing a far superior product.

To demonstrate this best.

 We thought we would take our best seller (and an outright favourite amongst legendary and very loyal beard following): The Bay Rum Scented Beard Oil, better known as The Outlaw. 

Basically, beard oils are concoctions of carrier oils (such as Argan oil, castor oil or Coconut oil etc.) that are responsible for the main conditioning and provide the vast range of benefits along with essential oils (that usually contain beneficial properties of their own) which provide the aromas.

  • Organic Safflower Oil (Carthamus tinctorius oil) - a unique description on how this specific ingredient helps make for a high quality beard oil. 
  • Coconut Oil (Caprylic/capric triglyceride fractionated oil) - a unique description on how this specific ingredient helps make for a high quality beard oil.
  • Natural Vitamin E Oil - a unique description on how this specific ingredient helps make for a high quality beard oil.
  • Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon cablin oil) - a unique description on how this specific ingredient helps make for a high quality beard oil.
  • Pure Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil (Cedrus deodara oil) - a unique description on how this specific ingredient helps make for a high quality beard oil.
  • Black Pepper Essential Oil (Piper nigrum oil) - a unique description on how this specific ingredient helps make for a high quality beard oil. 
  • Bay Rum Parfum (Fragrance) - a unique description on how this specific ingredient helps make for a high quality beard oil.
  • Cognac and Cuban Cigar Parfum (Fragrance) - a unique description on how this specific ingredient helps make for a high quality beard oil.

As you can see a lot of thought has gone into the product.

First off, we wanted to make sure that the product is serving not just your beard well but your skin too. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen to compliment the natural oils that reside on your face (i.e sebum) and for them to also play well together to offer your beard the perfect growing foundation to thrive.

However, being regular beard oil users ourselves (and through regularly talking to you guys) there were other aspects that we wanted to think about that we know are important to beardsmen - things that we think make or product rather unique and that had to be thought about in the ingredients. 

  • How it feels in the beard. 

Quite frankly, we can’t deal with a ‘heavy’ feeling oil residing in or beard.

It makes it feel uncomfortable.


And just sort of turns you off the thought of beard oil in general - and it should definitely not be that way - it should be something you look forward to applying. 

That’ why we insist on making a lightweight blend.

One that you barely notice on your beard, that keeps your beard flowing and feeling natural - not weighed down and greasy.

  • How the scent lingers 

First off, we knew we had to make an awesome smelling beard oil.

This is a given, and we worked on this for a long, long time.

And it is was ultimately worth it, because we think we’ve produced a rather awesome range of scents, that create a variety of aromas but all have a masculine undertone that can work for different occasions (as expressed by our beard following) - nights out, nights in and so on. 

However, what we wanted to make sure happened - is that the scents lingered on for as long as possible. We think, we’ve done a good job of that but we encourage you to make use of other types of products too (e.g. beard balm and moustache wax) to help enrich the scents further as well as make them last longer. 

How to Make the Most of Your Beard Oil?

In terms of how often you should be using it? We recommend that you use it at least once daily (and ideally just after a warm shower) since that is when your pores are most exposed and more open to absorbing the oil.

First Step 

Apply just a drop or two when you first start off (even if you are sporting just a very, very light stubble - heck, no facial hair whatsoever for now is fine) and then work your way up to more and more drops as your beard grows out more, you will start to get a better feel for it the more you use it.

Rub it in between your palms and then work right into the beard, make sure that the beard is completely covered (or as at least best you can).

For specific instructions on how to apply beard oil checkout the video by one of our beard grooming ambassadors :

We recommend following this up with a massaging type motion, this will help stimulate beard growth by encouraging blood flow to carry more of the necessities your beard needs in order to thrive (in a similar manner, massaging your scalp helps). 

Where to Buy Beard Oil?

To get the really good stuff, you’re going to struggle to get it from a high street supermarket. If you are wanting to shop for it in person, you’re better off going into barber shops and checking out the range they are keeping.

Ultimately, the best place to get some is online.

Like our at our store here - Nottingham’s darn right finest (with the bold goal of being the very darn best in the UK) - where you can rely on a trusted bearded brewer (who puts a little bit of his heart and soul into every bottle) to make sure you get the only the very best for your beard. 

Hey, it’s nothing less than your beard deserves right?

Are You Struggling With Your Beard?

Then do please let us know - we genuinely want to help out.

Like always if you have any questions, concerns or issues do let us know, you can hit us up right here in the contact section and we will get right back in touch with you.

 Think of us as your own personal beard coach that you can reach out to whenever you are running into any issues. 

Running into problems of itchiness? Let us know the situation, are you washing it too often, not applying enough beard oil and so on. Together, we can workout a game plan for your beard to make sure you are making the most of it.

Feel like your beard is a bit patchy? Then hit us up, we can help you assess the situation, discuss what beard growth phase you are in and ultimately what we think you can do to help improve the situation. Just shoot us through a message.

Don’t know which beard oil to pick? We get it, since we’ve got a collection of pretty darn awesome scents - there’s no wonder it can be a bit of a headache to choose which one to go for. Let us know exactly what it is that you are after scentwise and we can give you our best recommendation (although we do have a special beard oil gift set collection on the way).

Ultimately no matter what your issue just shoot across a message and we will be with you soon, even if you just fancied a chat.

We offer something quite special…

One thing that we did want to leave you with - is a special option for you to consider - a specialist grooming kit for beards.

What we wanted is to basically create a package that ticks a bunch of boxes:

 i) it’s got to save you some cash (that’s why we apply a discounted bundle price that saves you up to 21% (compared to if you were to get all goods separately).

ii) it’s got to give you everything your beard needs - that’s why we’ve made sure it includes or legendary beard oil to keep your beard in a good healthy state, a beard balm to keep it well hydrated and conditioned and finally a moustache wax to help bring your beard to life a bit. 

iii) simple to use. Ultimately, this is what we like to call a beard starter kit - it’s what we recommend to the fellows who have grown a bit of a beard (literally a month or so in to the beard game) and want a bit of direction. This is exactly what that kit does.

If you have any more questions about it, please just go ahead and shoot us an email.

And remember guys, keep on bearding.


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