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How to Fix Dry & Itchy Beards

May 17, 2018

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Are you wanting to know how to fix an itchy beard?

As a beard company that loves talking with our customers and fellow beardsmen.

We get to hear exactly what your beardy problems are.

And the number one issue that we hear almost on a daily basis?

You guessed it. It goes along the lines of “My beard is darn-right, crazy itchy”.

Hey, we get it. We’ve been there. There’s nothing worse. Whether you’ve got a seriously wiry, dry beard going on or at that particularly awkward stage when your facial hair is neither beard nor is it stubble.

However, it’s for this reason we went of our way to make a moisturising beard balm that we actually just commonly refer to and interchange as our version of a beard moisturiser.

What is this beard moisturiser balm?

Think of it basically like a solid version of a beard oil.

However, it performs in a slightly different manner. Where a beard oil will inject hydration straight to the beard. This will act to slowly release the moisture into your beard and skin, but also will help to lock it in and retain it.

Performs sort of like a leave in conditioner and acts to really moisturise right throughout the hairs (from the foundation to the very tip).

You will also notice that provides a slight natural hold as well, nothing extreme though (for that you want something more like this), but it’s more than sufficient for shorter beards.

When it comes to applying, we like to recommend mornings are best (pretty much every day). That way, when you are at work or just going about your day - you are benefiting from the moisture being locked in there and it will just feel more comfortable as you go about your day.

It’s what we would consider a lighter blend too, than your typical ‘beard balm’, so it won’t feel like it is weighing down on your face.

Why “multi”?

Well, it basically performs so many different tasks, sort of like your all-in-one, jack of all trades beard product that focuses on conditioning and softening up dry and brittle hairs and foundation (i.e your skin) as well as some styling ability and exude a manly fragrance. All in all, you’ve just seriously upgraded your beard game.

How to ‘full on’ moisturise your beard

If your beard is seriously dry even after dousing it with multiple drops of beard oil each and every day, then it’s time to get hold of our beard moisturiser and perform what we like to refer as the duo-softening-combo by picking up a multi beard balm too.

The routine basically goes as follows:

  1. On a night time just before you hit the z’s and ideally after you have just had a shower - with the beard being somewhat damp. You want to apply the beard oil thoroughly right through your beard (we go through how to use it properly here) and then just let it sit overnight.
  1. Morning time. Whip out the tin of multi beard moisturising balm. Then massage it into that glorious facial hair of yours. It offers a slight natural hold too, so you can start to shape it into place. The great thing about this though, is that it slowly releases the moisture to your beard throughout the day - whilst also helping it retain it - keeping your beard well-hydrated during those desperate times when a beard can get itchy.

Important note: make sure you use the same scented products though. Don’t cross and match, otherwise it is just going to smell odd. Instead, what you will find is ones of the same scent provide a complimenting undertone and richer aroma with one another.

This is just a suggestion though, you may find a slightly different routine works for you. What we do recommend though is getting both products, but don’t use them at the exact same time (or at least fully) otherwise your it is just going to end up too oily and greasy - across your beard.

Avoid Drying Out Your Beard

This is something that’s quite common amongst beardsmen, they are doing everything they are told with the beard oil and balm - then still complain of an itchy beard - a little more digging into their daily routine and soon comes apparent exactly why.

For instance, avoid washing your beard too regularly - if you are an office worker - you really don’t need to be applying a shampoo to it everyday (everytime you are, you’re stripping the natural oils away). Plus, make sure you follow that shower up with a splash of beard oil to replenish the lost ones.

Back to the shower, using those standard ‘hair’ shampoos on your beard? Not a good idea. Not only as just mentioned does it strip all of that natural beardy goodness from your beard, it prevents additional moisture from getting in (that’s how it gives that shiny look to your better half’s hair). The result? One dry, and itchy beard.

Don’t wash it with warm water either. It’s going to inevitably, dry out not just the beard but your skin too. The result? You guessed it, already haven’t you. Then for the love of all man manes - do not dry your it with a hairdryer. Ever. A simple and gentle patted dry with a towel will do it. I like to try and get a little a bit of shaping going on there as I’m doing it.  


If you have a pretty dry and rough beard - that’s just not at all comfortable to own.

Just pick up the following:

  • One bottle of your favourite scented beard oil (I highly and many other beardsmen will highly recommend our whiskey scented one)
  • A matching scented tin of beard moisturiser balm (get the whiskey beard balm moisturiser to match)
  • Perform the duo-softening-combo, applying beard oil at night time and then the beard moisturiser balm in the morning.
  • Avoid the general aspects of drying out your beard too.

Like always, if you have any issues, queries or just want a general bearded chit chat - then just get in touch with us at the contact page.

If you are new to the bearding scene and aren’t sure where to start - I recommend you take a look at our bearding starter kits. They provide everything you need for a better looking, better feeling and better-smelling beard. Basically, what you need to seriously step up that scruffy facial forest and having it fulfilling its true potential.

Let us know you are getting on with fixing your dry and itchy beard, and we will do our best to help you. 

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