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Best Beard Lotion for Dry Skin Under Your Beard?

July 04, 2018

dry skin under beard

Looking for beard lotion to use on dry skin under your beard?

Before we go any further.

And to save any potential confusion that might occur later on the post.

We need to clear up exactly what beard lotion is.

We’ve already had a few questions in already asking us:

  • What’s a beard lotion, is it any different to beard oil?
  • Please tell me which I should use on my beard, a beard tonic or beard oil? They seem the same.
  • I can’t tell what the difference is between a tonic, oil and lotion

  • Even in those three questions right there, you can see a running theme. When it comes down to it, a beard lotion is referring basically to a beard product that moisturises your skin and beard.

    When it comes to Robin Hood Beard Co.

    We offer a dry beard lotion being our beard moisturiser balm (a solid version of the lotion if you like to think of it that way) as well as or beard oil (which is the lotion in the liquid form).

    A lot of the terminology is used interchangeably around these key terms, depending on the beard company - when it comes to us guys, we like to try and just keep it at simple. So you know exactly what you’re getting.

    So Why Should You Be Using Beard Lotion?

    There are a few reasons really as to why they should be pretty much an essential to your beard grooming set:

    1. Makes your beard a lot more comfortable and easier to maintain and be dealing with. Especially useful for guys struggling with an itchy beard.

    1. They help guys with dry skin under their beard (we will go into a bit more detail on this later) but basically it helps to inject moisture and re-hydrated not just your beard hairs but your skin too.

    1. As they usually possess a certain fragrance, they basically act like a natural fragrance too - and an unlike a dedicated cologne might do, won’t cause as much irritation.

    Now you know why you should be using a beard lotion - when it comes to the options you have - with regards to what we have to offer: the beard oil or the balm - which should you choose?

    Beard Conditioning Oil

    Again, this is commonly referred to as a beard lotion and tonic.

    This is of course a liquid form and is made up of carrier oils and essential oils that are specially chosen for the benefits they offer your beard hairs as well as the very foundation of your beard, your skin.

    For the sake of comparison, think of this as deep penetrating conditioner, with a high impact from the off. Massage in thoroughly and it should help to start relieving the dry skin under the beard and make your beard whole lot softer too.

    Beard Moisturising Balm

    If you actually do a side by side comparison of the ingredients between these two products, there are actually only two ingredients that separate them.

    However, the impact that has is quite significant.

    See, we like to see our beard moisturising balm as a sort of leave in conditioner where it will keep your face and beard moist throughout the day. It’s a malleable, soft complexion that you can easily work into the beard.

    For the best results, we recommend using it in the morning, so it helps to dampen the irritability owning a beard can cause whilst you’re at work. Plus, it offers a slight hold, so you can shape it up before you pop out and control the odd flyaway beard hair that sneaking out of position.

    Please Note: do not get this mixed up with the texture beard balm we offer, that is not what we could consider a beard lotion - instead a styling product that’s meant for those struggling with an unruly beard with hairs sticking out in every direction but the ones they want them in.

    Which to Choose?

    Ultimately, if you are having real trouble with a dry beard - we recommend applying both.

    One in the morning and then the other at night. If you are really struggling, applying a couple of drops mid way through the day is not a bad shout either.

    There are multiple factors that can impact on your beard from the weather, to how often you are washing it, what you are washing it with, are you rinsing it properly, drying it too roughly, not keeping up with a skin care routine, not friendly detergents and so on.

    If you still haven’t got to the bottom of it. Literally, shoot us through a message and we can try and work it out from there what seems to be the issue and help you out.

    If do have to choose one though? We’d recommend you go for the beard oil - and apply frequently. Pretty much twice a day. Then make sure you are looking after your beard and skin too.

    Where do you go after beard lotion?

    If you’re perfectly happy using a beard lotion or beard oil (whatever you would like to refer to it as), then that’s completely fine and you should carry on doing so. Experiment with different scents etc.

    However, if you want to upgrade your beard care game to the next level with minimal stress, then we highly recommend you take a look at our beard care selections.

    They basically comprise of or very best beard goodies to seriously enhance the look and feel of of your beard. Find out more about the beard selections here.

    After some more friendly beard advice?


    We are always happy to help.

    We want to know what’s concerning you, what’s bothering you - whether you don’t know what the difference between a beard balm and a beard oil is, still confused about the whole beard lotion fiasco - worried your beard isn’t growing fast enough.

    Whatever it is, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (you don’t even have to be a customer or have bought from us before), as long as you like beard talk - you’re good with us.

    And remember guys, keep on beardin’.

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