Bearded Dating Made Easy - 6 Top Tips

February 09, 2017

Bearded Dating Tips

Is a beard attractive?

It is if you stick to the plan. 

We all know dating is tough, trying your best to not look like an idiot, say the wrong thing or do something embarrassing..... It’s especially hard when you have a beard, not only do first impressions count in this game but beards and dating are two things that don’t normally go hand in hand, were rougher and tumble kinda guys.

As bearded men we try and play the guy card in almost every situation, at work, out with the guys, everywhere, sometimes it works but sometimes playing it too much can be treacherous to our dating goals, we overestimate our caveman ego and can end up burning ourselves.

Apply these tested first date tips for men with beards that will take you from disaster to the master!

First Things First...


First impressions and your overall attire can play a detrimental part of your bearded dating success, look too casual and you’ll look like you’re not bothered, look too smart and you’ll look like you’re ready to party after the date (Which is a big NO when it comes to her taking you seriously).

One thing to take into consideration is you’re not the normal man, you’re a man with overwhelming face stubble that needs to look the part. Remember smart/casual is key here, not to look football ready but not to wear your job interview suit either.

Coming from success on this I’d propose you to wear one item with colour and stick to a more generic colour such as Greys, Whites or Black for the rest of your outfit.

For instance, you would sport a nice pair of mid navy jeans with a plain white Tee on top. Then for a classier but retro look stick to plain Black suit jacket over the Tee, it’ll show the diversity of lightness underneath but not overdoing it.

Rounding the look off with a sharp black pair of laced boots and a cool watch to show you mean business.

Let’s turn this un-dateable into a handsome bearded man!

Ensure Your Beards Groomed

Now, this goes without saying that in order to impress on this date you need to play to your strengths, that strength being your beard!

Go in to straggly and you’re going to look like a Tom Hanks Castaway, go in to groomed and you’re going to look like your trying to outdo her.

Remember an even look will play to your benefit, think of an ‘I’m a guy ready for anything’ look, Women love a guy that looks like a guy and not a little boy, but don’t undervalue your integrity.

I’d recommend a trip to a good barber to trim up those split ends, remove excess neck hair and shape your beard. Also, a great barber is worth paying for!

Next, you will need a good quality beard oil or beard balm, something with a great scent that she can sense sitting right opposite.

In this situation I’ve always relied on beard oil, it makes the beard look more energised and sharp to the mark. I’d recommend our very own Rusky Love Beard Oil, it’s a potent blend of Cinnamon and Lavender.

There’s nothing sexier to a woman than a great smelling beard, if you’ve got it... Flaunt it!                                  

Body Language

This is something that goes without saying in any scenario, positive body language will let her know her keys and your genuine intentions, however remember you still have a reputation as bearded badass to uphold, but whatever you do, don’t overdo it!

Always listen, keep moderate eye contact and apply yourself!

When she speaks, you should have a witty but interesting response to what she has said, so pay attention. Keep a good level of eye contact but not too much, too much can be a little intense and repel her from doing the same, especially with the face full of fir staring at her...

Most importantly, apply yourself, speak up and be heard. Keep your posture upright and focused on the job at hand, frail body posture can show flaws and weakness leading to disinterest.

Be open and be yourself, after all, that’s what she’s looking for.

Remember – The hardest parts already over – She’s already here!

Stay Away From Spaghetti

Now if you’re like me then you know eating with a beard can be a nightmare most of the time, paper towel and beard brush in hand...

Getting messy with food is acceptable at home when you’re not being judged, but eating out with an all eyes on your can be disastrous and more importantly a complete moral burner.

Picture the scene, you're having a charming conversation and sipping a nice wine laughing and joking then ‘Baaam’ you missed your mouth and end up cleaning up spaghetti from around your chops... Looking like you’ve just finished a food eating contest.

Be Prepared

Before the date do -- a little background research on the restaurant, check the menu out and if possible check out some pictures for lighting. If the lighting tends to be dimmer you can be a little less strict on your food plans.... Unless you’re going to a burger shack!

Eating successfully with a beard takes practice and trial and error, you know what foods are less messy and what foods are a passion killer.

Stay away from the hand edible foods such as burgers, tacos and pizza as well as sloppier foods like pastas and noodle dishes.

Stick to solid foods such as lean meats and fish which require a fork, no drips and no excess food stuck to your chin.

Keep well away from foods that will end in embarrassment and leave you skipping dessert!

Don't Drink The River Dry

If you’re like me then you’re partial to a nice single malt.... Or several, but there’s a time and place, and this is neither. Take your time and compose yourself, after all, you don’t wanna be slurring your furry cheeks off after you’re third drink do you.

Sure you’ve got your macho bearded image to uphold but do you really want to jeopardise any possible chance of this being a success? I didn’t think so.

Remember there should be more chances to let your beard down after tonight!

Take the initiative and order a medium bottle of red for you both, savour the moment and do it with style. Take slow graceful sips and not impersonate a fish.

You’ll know the cue for a change when she makes it, then you can advance onto something else.

The idea here is to keep your overall image and perception paramount and don’t over indulge.

You’re trying to create the cool 21st century beardsman here not the Vikings.

Be a Gent

You know what she’s thinking? Here comes a manly man full of self-worth and ego, isn’t that the whole reason he wears a beard? She may be half right but precise.

What a shocker it would be if you turned out to be a real gent, soon put her in her place and make her think otherwise. See she isn’t expecting that, she’s expecting a ‘let’s rock n roll’ kinda guy.

It’s proven that a woman’s perception of you is made up from the first 5 minutes, what if those 5 minutes were meant to count and turn her into a beard lover.

It’s easy, open door, take her coat, grab her chair for her and seem genuinely engrossed in her.

Whatever you do ...

DO NOT admire the waitress or stare at her boobs, be composed. 

The easiest way to have your beard looking its best in time for the date?

Get yourself one of these awesome beard grooming kits we've put together. It will not only keep your beard incredibly healthy but it will also help to impress.

The beard moisturiser balm will help to style up your beard, bringing in the flyaways, and creating a fuller, better-looking beard. The moustache wax gives your weary whiskers a distinctive edge. Then finally the beard oil is what will create a healthy and prosperous sheen.

Altogether will create a rich, complex aroma with manly notes to create an all-round, frankly awesome smelling beard with the way the three products combine together.

After tonight the chances are she's going to be kissing a bearded man! 

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