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Beard Wash and Shampoo - Cleaning Your Beard (the right way)

August 21, 2018 3 Comments

beard wash

Want to learn more about beard wash and shampoo?

This is something that is coming up quite a lot:

“How do I go about washing my beard (the right way)?” And it’s a freaking good question.

See, here’s the thing:

A lot of guys are quite frankly undoing all the good work they put in everyday (applying beard oil, brushing their beard, following it up with a beard balm etc.)  just by washing their beard the complete wrong way. Then they’re puzzled as to why their beard is so itchy, despite following what would otherwise be a really good beard grooming routine.

So how exactly are they washing it the wrong way?

There are a few ways:


They are using a shampoo that’s designed specifically for head hair which in turn literally ruins your beard hair. Does it result in a clean beard? Sure. Does it also damage the long term health of your beard? It might end up that way.

See it is made up with certain chemicals (di and tri methiclones) that keep your head hair that shiny look, however, it strips all the natural moisture that resides in your beard - leaving it bone dry, weakened and brittle.

Not only that it actually prevents moisture from re-entering the beard, so following it up with a beard oil won’t help to actually condition and bring the beard back to life.

That’s why we recommend using completely natural shampoo, soaps, washes etc. or at least specified beard friendly ones that actually look after your beard rather than harm it (like with everything, always make sure that you are reading the label to find out the ingredients in it). So when the natural oils that reside within your beard are stripped (although, granted, not to the same extent) they are easy to replace after you’ve shampooed the beard - either with a few splashes of beard oil or a beard conditioner.

This is definitely the number one step we recommend taking to ensuring you are washing your beard the ‘right way’.


Make sure you are thoroughly rising out the beard.

After applying the beard shampoo or beard soap, let it sit for a minute or two after distributing right through the beard (ideally performing a massaging type motion that we mentioned earlier with how to use beard oil) and then going on to thoroughly rinse out the beard.

Too many guys leave the shampoo suds within the beard whilst in the shower and this can cause unnecessary irritation to your beard and skin.


Don’t have the water too hot.

Like we mentioned in a previous post on how to straighten your beard, when it comes to extreme levels of heat, your beard gets vulnerable.

It becomes weak and it also drys out, meaning that it is incredibly prone to having unnecessary beard shedding. Then if you go about and dry your beard with a towel in a rough manner, you can be sure you will see some beard hairs left on it when you’re all done.

Instead, keep it at a relatively lukewarm temp and try a pat down technique as well when it comes to drying your beard - go pretty gentle with it, your beard is at a pretty vulnerable state right now given that it has just been blasted with heat and drained from the natural oils (i.e your sebum) that keep it strong and robust.


Only shampoo your beard roughly once or twice a week, anymore than that (unless you work a manual job where your beard is going to naturally get grubby and dirty) is probably overkill and you are unnecessarily stripping the natural oils that reside in your beard.

If you find that is still too much, you can carry out what’s known as co-washing - which is basically as the name suggests is washing your beard with a beard friendly conditioner, which is a practice that I carry out every other day - then pull out the shampoo over the weekend.


As already mentioned make sure that you immediately follow up your shampooing your beard with a conditioning product, preferably either a beard oil or a conditioner (that can be used there and then in the shower).

Ideally, they’re the same scent or at least one of the products, either the shampoo or the conditioning product (or even both) are actually scentless to avoid the two aromas conflicting.

The idea here is that you are essentially replenishing the lost oils that were previously on your beard before you had to strip them off in order to clean your beard.

Are you having any issues with your furry face?

Then please go ahead and tell us about it, if it’s beard related - chances are we can probably help.

See, we have helped literally countless prospective beardsman who were at the very early stages with their beards and weren’t making the progress that they wanted and were about to give up before getting in touch.

What might seem like a pretty big problem for instance like an incessantly itchy beard or an unsightly patchy beard can actually pretty easily handled with a relatively quick fix that a new beardsman wouldn’t quite know about.

All you have to do is just send across a message through our contact page and we will be right in touch with you.

We do have a simple solution to solving most beard issues though.

And that’s investing in one of our beard grooming kits or a beard oil set

We’ve put a lot of time and effort to make sure that they cover everything a beardsman needs at that particular point:

Beginner kit: as you can imagine provides you with your much needed essentials to kick off the beard growing stage.

Standard kit: this provides you with exactly what your beard needs as it starts to branch outwards over two to three inches

Ultimate Deluxe kit: this is for the experienced beardsman who really want to treat their beard to the top of the range goodies. It has everything a beardsman could ever want to help take their beard to the next level .

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