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Beard Thickening Products

July 18, 2018 2 Comments

Beard Thickening Products

Learn more about beard thickening products.

As you probably know.

There are hundreds of different beard products on the market (and even more variations).

Different products will achieve different things.

Ultimately though, they are all trying to achieve the same thing.

Giving you a healthier, more comfortable and all round better looking beard. And what’s often the key to a better looking beard (other than getting it properly styled and trimmed up to suit your facial features and hair style)?

Getting a thicker beard (or at least a thicker looking beard).

And that’s what we want to discuss today.

The Natural Way

Firstly, we want to discuss the recommended route we would take - and this is through using natural beard grooming products (the unnatural way, we will talk about in the section).

  • Beard Oil

Now it won’t actually make your beard thicker per se, however, it will darken your beard and in turn, give the appearance of it looking thicker than it otherwise would.

  • Beard Balm

Again the same general principle works, that it will darken the beard

However, it goes a step further as it offers some hold, you will be able bring the stray beard hairs that are flying all over the beard all into play. Giving a neater, collection and ultimately the appearance of a thicker beard at hand.

  • Beard brush

I completely get why this could be confusing.

And to be fair.

I could have quite easily substituted a beard brush for a beard comb instead, however, the point being is that these tools are used for one very specific purpose in giving the look of a thicker and fuller appear beard.

They help split the hairs apart and prevent them from knotting up and clumping together, which leads to the look of a patchier beard then it ought to be.

Regularly using a brush will help to not only solve that but distribute the natural oils that reside on the beard (leading to healthier long term growth and potentially a result of a thicker beard) as well as stimulate growth.

The Unnatural Way

There’s nothing wrong with these types of products, it’s just not a route we either advise or would take yourself what we do want to stress though - is to make sure you do your own proper research beforehand.

  • Beard Makeup

This is something that we are seeing pick up a bit of steam lately with more and more guys asking about it. There’s a whole range of makeup products out there too: beard filler, beard pencils and so on. We’ve no doubt it gives the look of a fuller beard.

Especially when applied correctly.

It might be worth asking the better half for a hand.

  • Beard Dye

Like beard make up, this is something we can sort of understand.

However, we prefer the all natural look.

Often, if you want your beard to be a little darker, this is what gives it the thicker and fuller look. We’d advise a more natural approach with the use of henna rather than a chemically infused one.

At the least, it is worth a try out to see if it makes a difference that your happy with. If it doesn’t? No harm lost.

  • Regaine (Minoxidil)

This is something we’ve barely even researched into.

However, go into any beard forum (such as Jeff’s beard board or through a subreddit) and you will find plenty more experiences and information than we could ever provide here.

To sum it up, it’s a medical product that’s used to treat hair loss and basically people have been using it to help thicken up their beards. Always look into stuff like this, consult a doctor beforehand if need be and so on. Not something we particularly advocate.

  • Beard Transplant

Not specifically a product per se. However, it’s a service that will certianly get the job done.

Again though, not something we advise.

Only in the most extreme cases - and even then…

I mean £9,000?

Each to their own. We much rather advocate, the rock what you got policy. Anyways, we just wanted to stick it out there so you know it’s an option.

 Is there anything with your beard you’re struggling with?

We want to know about it.


Any problems you are having - get in touch with us and we can help you out. We like to think of ourselves sort of like your free go to beard coach.

That can hopefully point you in the right direction.

Whether you are suffering from a particularly patchy beard, it’s a bit wiry, you are suffering from a bit of what we like to call beardruff (you got it, dandruff for beards - and yes it almost certainly does happen) or whether you are confused over a certain product and can’t decide whether you should be opting for a beard comb or a beard brush - heck you might even need both.

Whatever it is that you feel is holding your beard back we want to know about it - send us across a few lines through our contact page and we will get back in touch with you straight away.

The best way to help solve your beardy issues…

It’s a small investment but hey…

… your beard is worth it, right?

Take a look at this.

It’s something we genuinely feel can really up your beard game to the next level, no matter where you are at with your beard.

Namely, because we don’t feel a beard grooming kit like this has been quite created with the same complimentary feel with each other product.

The oil works with the balm, the balm works with the wax and likewise, the wax works with the oil. They all uniquely work in a system help take care of your beard and bring out the best in it.

Not to mention the scents work harmoniously bring out a rich deep fragrance that will surely bring out a few compliments or two.

Especially with Rusky Love.

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