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Beard Styling Products to Get Your Beard On Point

April 30, 2019 1 Comment

Beard Styling Products to Get Your Beard On Point

Unlike a lot of beard companies.

We know there are two elements to a great looking beard.

The first one that we are completely on board with is the care and nourishing side of the beard care regimen.

This is making sure that is well moisturised.

And the best product for that is?

Without a question beard oil.

If there is one product that we recommend any beardsmen use - it’s this.


Although a beard oil will do a lot for your beard.

Making it feel better, look cleaner and healthier as well as overall making it smell great. In terms of styling for the beard.

It doesn’t actually enhance it that much.

Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of beard companies stop.

They just want you to have a good feeling beard - which is fair enough.

But at Robin Hood Beard Co, we take things up a notch by making it sure that it actually looks good too.

That’s why we’ve invested so much time into our range of beard styling producs.

Which is what we are going to introduce you to today.

  • The Beard Moisturiser Balm
  • The Beard Texture Balm
  • The Moustache Wax

The following products have been ordered in terms of hold - but all carry out slightly different jobs.

So let’s get to it.

The Beard Moisturiser Balm

This is basically your solid state beard oil.

It’s designed firstly to slowly release moisture into the beard and is the ideal option for those with a larger beard suffering with dryness and itchiness.


As it is made with wax and butters, it offers a slight styling element to it too - designed so that you can start to address those beard hairs that keep sticking out.

Use a beard brush and comb as well and this is a great little product to use to get a relatively tameable beard well styled.

The Beard Texture Balm

This balm.

Is perhaps are best creation.

Winning awards for beard product of the year 2018.

And is a must for anyone who wants a darn good looking beard.

This beard styling product has been designed from the outset to complete the second half of the equation to what we mentioned at the start of this article.

A darn good looking well-styled beard.

It incorporates higher compositions of wax and butter to ensure that you have a higher level of hold to start to style up your beard.

Using a beard brush and comb will help you to shape and form the beard.

Unlike an outright wax though.

It contains conditioning properties that will help to protect and keep the beard healthy too.

If there were any two products that a beardsmen should opt for.

It would be a beard oil and this.

Taking care of the health and overall look of your beard.

The Moustache Wax

This is an extra firm moustache wax.

That’s ideal for handling even the most unruliest of staches.

Apply a bit and work your way up to keep those whiskers tamed.


It’s often well underutilised.

See, although it is specifically crafted for moustaches.

If you need some extreme styling or your beard is just ridiculously unruly.

Then we often recommend that you use a bit of moustache wax combined with the same scented beard oil to help emulsify it a bit - then apply that to your beard to create a super strong beard styling product.

We strongly advise that you invest in a beard comb here as well.

As the wax is going to be too strong to distribute effectively with just use of your fingers.

If you find that the wax has clumped up too much, simply add a little bit of water or some more beard oil to help soothe it into your facial hair some more.

Not too much though as it can start to lose its strength.

And there you have it.

A list of our finest beard styling products.

If you have any questions, concerns or general musings regarding the beard products above our about your beard specifically.

Then by all means just get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.

As always gents.

Happy bearding!

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