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Beard Pomade: Style and Shape Up Your Beard

May 21, 2018

beard pomade

Looking for the perfect beard pomade to style up your beard?

Let’s face it, literally.

We all know beards get a little unruly sometimes - with flyaway beard hairs flying in every direction - but the way you want them too.

And hence it is common for us to see questions like “can I use pomade in my beard?” and to be fair, pomade will achieve the immediate result you want for your beard.

Style it which way you want - plus, it will actually keeps the hairs down and have the general beard looking the part.

However, there’s one problem using ordinary hair water based pomade and the like on your beard.

You’re drying your beard up.

So you can imagine the result, right? Yeah, you got it. An itchy, dry under skin and what can ultimately end up in a dry wiry beard. Which trust us, nobody wants.

However, the problem still remains - how can you style and tame an unruly beard - without damaging it in the long time?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

That’s why we went out of way to create our own version of a dedicated beard pomade. We are modest when we say - this took a long, long time to get right - but we are extracting with the results.

Although we’ve called it a beard balm (as it shares the same basic principles), it’s a little different from most balms out there. See, it is specially brewed in a certain manner (right here in Nottinghamshire) with a specific set of ingredients with the sole intent of styling your beard - to give you the control and styling ability to help you have it looking exactly the way you want it.

Beard Pomade Ingredients

  • Organic safflower oil - we use this because it's rich in oleic acid which is capable of safeguarding both your chin and hair, improving the circulation around the chin, stimulating hair growth and strengthening beard hair follicles.
  • Coconut oil - we use this because it's rich in fatty acids that work with the natural proteins found in your hair, protecting it from breaking, as well as acting as a moisturising agent that even protects hair follicles from heat and environmental damage.
  • Natural vitamin E oil - we use this because it helps reduce inflammation and repair damage to the follicles, and healthy follicles encourage hair growth. Shea butter - we use this because it helps relieve many skin problems such as dandruff, helping reduce excessive oil production by the skin glands, it can moisturise dry skin and reduce flaking due to dryness.
  • Yellow beeswax - we use this because it helps bind all the ingredients together, using only a small amount can give a sterner and more effective hold.
  • Essential oils - we use these because each oil delivers a different smell, helping to contribute towards the overall scent of the pomade, because each oil has different routes and qualities in some cases can help reduce stress and deliver a calming well being, contributing towards well balanced mental health (as well as simply making your beard smell amazing)

It still remains flexible enough to restyle and comes across as entirely natural with a slight matted type sheen too, to give your beard a healthy appearance.

Plus, it stays in position.

Unlike that of a standard hair pomade though it still carries many of the essential ingredients that help ensure that your beard is kept well and thoroughly hydrated and fresh. Ultimately, ensuring your beard is still kept in a healthy state.

How to Use Beard Pomade

It’s ideal for whether you use it daily, weekly or monthly - it’s up to you. The time we recommend and see it used most, is just before you head off to work and want it looking your best - or you have a special ‘date’ on the cards and want to make a good first impression. 

When it comes to actually use our beard pomade it’s pretty darn simple.

Here’s a brief five step breakdown:

1. Apply a little beard oil first

Although you can apply dry we firstly recommend using the corresponding beard oil (make sure they are the same scent as one another i.e “rusky love” with “rusky love” as conflicting scents, really can ruin both aromas) to provide a good conditioning base and helps to make the beard more manageable when it comes to styling.

Get a couple less drops than you would usually, and apply right through the beard - an idea time to do this would be as you have just hopped out a warm shower, with a relatively damp beard (literally just almost dry).

2. Break some off with the back of your thumbnail

Get your tin of beard pomade and slide open the lid. Take a second, sniff deep (not really needed, but yet so oh so very obligatory). Now, get the back of your thumbnail and start to scrape off some of the balm. How much you need is dependent on how big your beard is and how unruly the beard is. As a general rule though, we always recommend starting small and building up the amount.

3. Work into your hands

Then to start to work it through your palms. Rub it between them so it emulsifies through, so it almost becomes see through.

4. Apply into beard

Now to start to slowly but sure apply to your beard hairs. The general motion you want to be going for is to apply right to the base of the beard - right to the foundation and through back to the very tip.

5. Finally, shape up the beard how you want

As you are doing this start to shape up and style the main body how you want it. Rope in all the flyaway hairs, sway it from one side to another, push it out from under your chin and back. Have it sitting just right. Generally, just have a little play about and you will get a good sense of where the beard is now going to naturally lie.

With this, you will have started to notice some rich undertones work with the rest of the beard too, as you are using complimenting scents.

To top it all off and if you’ve got really difficult hairs that won’t behave at all - either consider giving them the snip or apply some moustache wax mixed with a little bit of beard oil and apply that to keep it down.

Take it with you on-the-go

We’ve even thought about every daily aspect of owning a beard - and know in the event of a sudden gust of wind it can knock the whole beard out of place. Hence, we decided (just like we have done with our moustache waxes) to place them into slider tins.

That way, you can keep it with you on the go - anywhere you do go.

It simply slides into the pocket, so you have quick easy access. Plus, since it is has been sitting in your pocket - it’s likely warm enough to apply immediately if needed.

So if you have got a particularly unruly beard with a lot of hairs just seeming to do what they like, then we thoroughly recommend our beard pomade (aka beard texture balm) a go.

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