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Beard Oil Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages

July 09, 2018 7 Comments

Beard Oil Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of beard oil?

Straight up.

In today’s post.

We are going to hit you with the freaking good, the rather bad and the darn right ugly of beard oil - as well as exactly how you can use it and more probably more importantly why you should be using it (well that’s if you’re rockin’ some facial hair that is which thankfully is more than ever and seems to be continuing on in that way).

So let’s weight up the pros and cons of beard oil, then a little conclusion piece.


  • Fragrance

Beard oil exudes a natural odor from the essential oils used, meaning it’s not only you who gets to benefit from your beard oil - but everyone in close vicinity too.

As you can imagine, the ‘right scent’ goes down particularly well with the ladies - and many a compliment.

And when it comes to beard oil fragrances  - we don’t like to brag.

But we think we might have created one of the greatest beard oil scent ranges around, consistently scoring 5 star rated reviews.  

  • Maintenance

If you are struggling to get to grips with your beard and you aren’t using beard oil.

Then this is definitely something you should consider.

It will help bring the beard hairs in line, become easier to maintain (when it comes to combing and brushing) and ultimately give the look of a bigger thicker beard, as you are going to run into less clumping and knots forming (that can give the look of a patchy beard, even though it really isn’t).

  • Dampen the Itch

If you are having to deal with an uncomfortable and consistently itchy beard - a beard oil is the first thing you should reach for to help dampen the issue.

It acts to help soften the skin as well as the beard, so there’s less irritability caused and as a result, will help reduce the itching.

  • Healthier, better looking beard

We discuss just how good a beard oil is in the ingredients article but ultimately a beard oil should be benefiting your beard in a variety of ways.

From helping to prevent potential oncoming beard issues (such as beard dandruff, beard shedding and so on) as well as helping it appear to look fuller and give a healthier cleaner sheen type finish.


We’ll admit it.

We’re struggling a bit here, because if it isn’t clear from the above we freaking dig beard oil - that said we’ve racked or brains and come up with the following:

  • Lacks hold

Unlike that of a texture balm.

A beard oil pretty much offers you next to no hold.

So if you have a particularly unruly beard, don’t expect a bear oil on its own to help solve your issues for you. Granted it will help when it comes to maintaining the actual beard, but it won’t hold down those pesky flyaway hairs that get away from your beard.

For that you need a balm.

If you’ve got a shorter beard we recommend the multi and those with a longer and particularly unruly one we think you should opt for our dedicated styling balm, the texture balm.

  • Can feel uncomfortable

This is something we have noticed when we were first using beard oils.

Sometimes the blend can be quite heavy.

So it feels groggy, greasy and almost weighty in your beard - and it’s quite frankly not that comfortable. However, this is something we’ve gone specifically out of our way to address with the choice of ingredients we opted for and the way we work the oils to such a high standard (all by hand, to maintain the highest possible quality control).

Our beard oils are literally brewed right here (in Nottingham) by hand - we’ve tried to ensure that you barely notice the oil sitting and being absorbed into your beard. Ultimately, applying beard oil to your beard is something you should look forward to in your grooming routine.

In fact the only time we really want you to notice it, is as you’re casually walking along then a light breeze passes through your beard and you get a delicious whiff of your favourite scent.

The Ugly

This is based on subjective experiences.

It can impact those with sensitive skin or even those with allergic reactions - that’s why we recommend before you jump in and apply it straight into your beard and on to your face - that you first test out a couple of drops on a discrete area of your body and then check for any reactions some time later.

If there is some reaction, we recommend you stop using it and potentially get in touch with us. It might be worth exploring the ingredients within the oil and then trying a different one or certainly one that is classed as being less sensitive (particularly those that are completely scentless and those that are described as being suited for those with sensitive skin).

Does it meet up to cosmetic regulations? See there are a lot of requirements and certifications that beard companies have to pass in order to get certified. RHBC is completely across all or products, but can you be sure that another beard company is? It’s more important than you’d think - you open yourself up to photosensitive oil issues and synthetic fragrances, that can potentially cause more harm than you realise.

Are you new to beard oil or an experienced bearded veteran?

Do you have questions and concerns that need answering? Worried about how the beard oil will act with sensitive skin, whether it will cause acne or won’t? Whether you should be opting for a beard moisturiser balm or a beard oil?

Anything really, whether it be about beard goodies or grooming - we want to help you out - literally it’s simple as just pinging across a short message right to our inbox and letting us know ‘what’s up’ - from there we want to help you out as best as we can.

Whether that means recommending one of or products to try out or not - ultimately we just want what’s best for you and your beard.

So stop by. Letting us know how you are getting on and what you are struggling with and we will be back in touch with you shortly.

The contact section.

Fancy taking it a step further?

This is something we are a little proud of.

It’s a beard care specialist kit that contains our very best products. Let’s take the Rusky Love kit as an example.

Here you get the following:

A beard oil as we have detailed in the piece above - should be considered essential within your beard grooming arsenal - and will help provide the necessary base and foundation for a quality beard.

To up your beard game further though, we’ve included a beard moisturising balm - particularly useful for those guys who have a quite a rough beard and struggle with itchiness, plus it offers a good solid bit of hold to help you get to grips with any potential stranded hairs.

Then finally, a moustache wax - perhaps one of the most neglected products on the market we feel - as it can really ‘make’ the beard. We love the natural look some guys are getting with their ‘staches - although we dig the handlebar as much as the next man, we also love the natural put together look, lots of guys are getting.

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Sujal shukla
Sujal shukla

December 29, 2019

Sir my beard grown before my ages because of my should I use beard oil

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