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Beard Oil ‘Before’ and ‘After’ - What are the Benefits?

May 27, 2018 1 Comment

beard oil before and after

Compare beard oil before and after.

We talk a lot here at Robin Hood Beard Co. about just how important it is for your beard to be doused with beard oil, pretty much daily (we even recommend it right at the beard stubble stage, it’s that important).

However, we wanted to use this post to demonstrate exactly why.

Through what a beard will feel like without beard oil.

Compared with that.

Of a beard that gets properly nourished everyday by one of our handcrafted beard oils made with super high quality ingredients.

For now, let’s discuss exactly how a beard oil benefits a beard and how.

Dry Skin

See, don’t go thinking that an oil is all about your beard hairs keeping them soft, lean and healthy.

Far from it.

It helps immensely with keeping your skin from getting dry and the oils that reside within the beard oil are chosen carefully by ourselves to ensure that they work with the natural oils that reside on your face to keep it hydrated and moisturised.

Ultimately, this means less irritability on your face as well as better feeling and healthier all round skin.

Prevents Dandruff

No that’s not crumbs that have fallen on your shirt, it’s far worse.

What’s referred to as seborrheic dermatitis.

And what’s basically caused by dry skin under your beard getting trapped, since it has been untreated (in much need of some beard oil and regular grooming). After this, you can expect itchiness, redness and even more flakes.

Beard Maintenance

If you are a bit unhappy with how your beard is looking and want to get more of a handle of it.

There are two beard products that we recommend:

i) a beard oil, this actually helps the beard hairs become more manageable, flexible and stronger and ii) beard pomade, which is a dedicated styling product to actually help achieve a beard style you are after and also help with guys who have hairs just sticking out everywhere.

Natural Fragrance

It goes without saying really.

And you will find the fairer sex can attest for this (especially on the dating scene).

Your beard is going to smell so much better. Instead of being slightly pongy (let’s face it, do you wash it enough? Don’t take that as a sign to overwash it though, once a week is fine) it’s going to smell, well, just how a beard ought to smell.

We’ve got them available in seven glorious scents.

And one rather special one, that is a clear favourite (both amongst men and women, it seems) and gets by far the most attention. To be fair? It’s probably rightly so.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

This is a point that often gets forgotten about.


At least for me it is the biggest factor and benefit of all, especially since we are comparing beards with and without beard oil.

For me, I don’t feel right with going out without at least having some beard oil in my beard. It gives me a confidence boost. It’s like knowing you smell good, compared to when you might have just been sweating a bit.

You always feel better, knowing you smell like the bomb.

But this way, you don’t only smell better, your beard actually looks better too. It’s almost a hidden factor that you can’t draw from just with beard oil before and after pictures, straight from the off.

More Comfortable Beard (Reduce the Itch)

Personally, this is my favourite reason for using beard oil both morning and night.

It just makes your beard easier to live with.

Yes, I freaking love my beard.

But, sometimes, just sometimes, you know when it is a little dry, it’s hot outside, I’m sweating - it can really irritating the freaking hell out of me.

And this is the perfect time to drop in a bit of beard oil. It makes everything right again, a good quality oil just helps you live with beards easier. Plus, it just gives you even more reason to love your beard.

Healthier Appearance

You will often see after you have massaged beard oils into your beard that it will have a certain sheen about it.

This acts to turn a frankly rather grubby looking beard into a shinier, pristiner and cleaner looking beard to the mix.

If you find the shine is a little too much we recommend blending it in with a beard moisturiser to create a more matted and textured feel to the beard.

Along with using a moustache wax to add real definition and styling to the beard, helping the overall look really ‘pop’ out.

However, it’s not just ‘looks wise’. The oil is actually making your beard healthier too, it supplies it with the necessary vitamins, proteins and nutrients not just for it to survive but in order for it survive.  

Before & After Shots

Now you only really see the full benefits of what a beard oil can do after prolonged use, perhaps a month or so before you really start noticing the difference.

You can see the beards get a little darker, have a more vibrant look about them and to be fair the video struggles to give them as much justice as they deserve.

Remember though, the main gains (like with most things) are made through prolonged use.

Continue to use the oil and it will result in all around awesome looking beard. And hey, who doesn’t want that? Like always though, if you’ve got any queries, are pondering whether to treat you and your beard to one but want some clarification - hit us up - and we’ll be in touch soon.

Are you seeking total beard care?

Well, we might have just the thing. If you are basically interested in getting your beard in the best possible shape along with i) saving time having to think about what product you need, next, how and when ii) offering an even deeper and richer feel to your beard and iii) quite frankly having your beard looking freaking epic then we recommend you check our beard care grooming kits. They’ll provide you with everything your beard needs and more.

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