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Beard Growth Supplements and Vitamins - Do They Really Work?

August 29, 2018 1 Comment

beard growth supplements

Are you looking to learn more about beard supplements and vitamins?

Before we go on.

We just want to set the record straight with a disclaimer:

We aren’t scientists or professional chemists or anything of that nature, this is just an opinion piece from speaking to guys who have delved into this area and ultimately what they have said.

We recommend that if you do take anything of this nature you do your due diligence and fully research into it and ask for a professionals help and recommendation if you are unsure.

Now that’s out the way.

Do we think they work?

Yes, to a degree and in the right circumstances. First, let’s break it up.

Beard Vitamins are essentially multi vitamin tablets that claim to have a specific composition that’s particularly aimed toward your beard (we’ve found that they usually come with a higher dosage of proteins, in particular biotin).

Will these have a beneficial impact?

All we can say is potentially.

Like we say, we aren’t experts.

However, if you are a healthy guy, eating a good diet with a variety of nutrition getting into your body, then really you will probably see next to no benefit of taking a beard vitamin on a regular basis.

If on the other hand, your diet isn’t in check.

You aren’t hitting the recommended vitamin counts - and you are lacking behind in that front, then potentially you are going to benefit as you from the food source you aren’t giving everything your body needs in order for your beard to remain healthy and thrive.

Ultimately, though and I think it comes down to common sense that you would try and supply your body with the recommended intake of vitamins, proteins etc. from a real food source than a vitamin tablet.

As for other supplements and aspects like Rogaine.

Obviously, this is where more research needs to be taken on your part.

However, from what we have heard (not really seen to be fair) - there’s plenty of forums around the subject - that they can indeed work out for you. That said, is it really worth it? It depends how desperately you want it, is it impacting your state of mind - and so on? If that’s the case, there’s probably some deeper issue that needs sorting out (not claiming to be psychologists either).

I mean how far do you want to go with it? There are even beard transplants. It’s really a matter of perspective and relative cost (monetary and health wise potentially).

Just really, we don’t see it as being worth it in all honesty.

We see it pretty simply:

  • Eat right (good mix of vegetables, meats and so on).
  • Exercise right (incorporate a good amount of lifting).
  • Sleep right (make sure you are getting the necessary sleep).

You know basically live a pretty healthy lifestyle, certainly harder than just reading a simple three step list - but really that’s all there should be to it. Keep it simple and you’ll reap the benefits.

Then finally, just embrace what beard you can produce.

It’s not a competition. It’s just about being happy with yourself and whatever amount of beard you can produce - whether that’s a bit of patchy scruff or a full on beard.

Really, we don’t think it matters - as long as you like and it makes you happy.

How to make the most of your beard?

i) Beard grooming and conditioning: these are the selection of beard products designed to actually help condition and soften up your beard whilst also providing the much needed essentials your beard is craving (with regards to nutrition and hydration).

From our selection you can take a look at the homebrewed top notch beard oils (that we pretty much regard as an essential for any beardsman who loves his beard) and the range of beard moisturiser balms (which is essentially a solid version of our beard oil but has a slight hold to it as well) and performs like a leave in conditioner.

ii) Beard styling: now where the beard moisturiser and oil will take care of the health of your beard.

We also created a set of products that are designed to keep your beard in good shape but their primary role? Is to make sure your beard looks the bomb.

The beard texture balm is an out and out styling product to get your annoying fly away beard hairs into shape and give it an overall neatened aspect. Then the moustache wax helps to give your beard an edge with a stylish edge for your whiskers.

iii) Beard accessories: then to keep on top of your overall beard maintenance to ensure that your beard doesn’t get riddled with knots and becomes a general mess.

You want to make sure you have a trusty beard comb or a beard brush on hand. This will not only  help with ensuring that the natural oils that reside on your beard get spread evenly throughout but also (especially in the case of the beard brush) stimulate and promote even healthier beard growth.

Is your beard giving you grief?

Are you having any issues with your beard?

If so, we want to know about it.

Whether it is too itchy, rough, wiry and generally looks more wild mountain man rather than neat and sophisticated. Whether you are trying to debate about which beard balm is right for you or if you are eyeing up one of rather famous beard grooming kits but aren’t sure which scent to go for - then literally just hit us up.

See, we have dozens of beardsmen email us, instagram message and facebook message with problems they are having with their beards everyday…

… and we love it. We love helping guys out, so they can get the most out of their beard and ultimately grow out a beard that they are comfortable with, looks good and all in all, something they are proud of.

So literally, if you have any issues at all.

Just shoot across a message and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Of course, if you have any questions about beard supplements and vitamins - don't hesitate to contact us. 

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