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Beard Grooming Abroad - 5 Tips In The Sun

October 23, 2017

beard grooming abroad

Got your ticket, got your euro’s, ready to hit the airport and kill a couple of beers before takeoff. Easy does it.

Clothes check. Sunscreen check. Passport check. Freedom check. Seems to me your nearly ready, one last thing that’s been overlooked – How am I gonna look after this beard in maximum heat?

With experience living in the UK through all types of weather, I’d say looking after your beard becomes second nature here, I mean we know the terrain, the wind, the rain and the frost, we apply beard care products that work well for various homely environments, let nature take its course, then pick up the speed when the climate changes.

But abroad is a completely different level – The humidity, the sun and the environment. Just like anywhere on the planet as human beings we adapt to our new surroundings – However in this case it’s only going to be for the short term.

Coming from a guy who’s currently writing this from his sunset balcony in Portugal, I guess over the past few days I’ve come to terms with what works and what doesn’t. The times currently 12:20am, writing ‘Beard Grooming Abroad’, sipping gin and juice, borrowing some tiny note paper and writing my best advice on it.

So, were currently 4 days in – The temperature has differed from 29 to 35 degrees (Not bad for October huh) – Enjoying some glorious heat throughout the day and nice warm nights.


Here you have it straight from the top :


Don’t Hide Your Beard Away

Forget the beard nets and all the rest, there’s no need to be covering your man mane. Granted people insist to cover your beard just like a freshly inked tattoo. What people forget to mention is sunshine in moderation can be detrimental for beard and hair growth. I can honestly say 4 days into constant sunshine, my beard has never looked so shiny and vibrant.

Just like a blossoming rose, nothing comes without sunshine in good measure and used in moderation, for most of you guys looking to be out in the sun for 2 weeks tops, you’ll be fine. Just enough time to get the necessary UV rays, vitamins and minerals that the UK doesn’t provide.


The Sea Is Good

Salt water is the main component for providing healthy, natural wavy curls. Naturally the sea salt adds an extra layer to your beard follicles, making it look bouncy and full bodied, adding extra thickness that really makes the difference! Not to mention the sea salt acts as a bacteria killer for all that’s lurking down under. I’ve been in the sea only twice since my stay here, twice is more than enough.

Once dried, my beard appears full of volume and gives a gleaming glow. Getting ready to go out in the evening has never been so easy, my beard simply doesn’t need a lot of grooming to look awesome, the sea salts done half the work for me.


Apply Beard Oil Twice Daily Only

Sun tan lotion shouldn’t go unnoticed, neither should beard oil. During my time here I’ve applied Robin Hood Beard Company Rusky Love beard oil twice daily, once in the morning before I left the apartment and once in the evening after everything’s dried, apply sparingly, you’ll find you don’t need much.

Just enough to add the right amount of vitamins and minerals to keep it up in tip top condition throughout your stay, it will help with the brittleness and reduce hair loss from the sun.


Let your Beard Dry Naturally

Once out of the pool or sea, let your beard dry naturally – Do not touch it!

The natural climate and sun breeze will take place once wet or damp, the last thing you should do is to fast dry it using a blow dryer. One quick trick once you’ve got out of the pool is to give your beard an easy brush to get some knots out and let lounging by the pool work in its favour.

Once the sea salt or pool water has absorbed into the beard it will give it a ‘beach like’ look, that’s when the natural chemical process will take effect. The slower the drying process – The better your beard will look in the end game. Take your time and don’t rush it.


Say No To Excessive Brushing

Going on what I mentioned in the above post, you should pick the right time to brush or comb your beard, don’t go excessive.

The simple fact is that too much sun and elements that will strip your beard of its natural oxidants which can be a bad thing. You’ve gotta listen to what your beard is telling you. In the UK we only get our beard wet what – Once a day? And on holiday your gonna be getting it wet constantly, so the more time the sun dries it out the more fragile it will become.

So keep it minimal and only brush when you have to, if you’re going into the sea or pool a few times during the day then give it a small brush the last time you intend to get out and get dry. Then once in the evening after you’ve applied your beard oil and you’re ready to hit the town.


In need of a quick beard goods supply before you head out on holiday?

Get you and your beard everything you need right here.

A beard grooming supply kit that will provide you with a beard oil to keep your beard well hydrated (if it’s going to be hot, this is definitely needed).

A moisturiser to again, keep your beard looking and feeling sharp.

Then finally, a moustache wax to ensure it’s looking dapper and will help give you some control over those whiskers (especially useful for when it comes to wining and dining, where you rather eat food than chomp on your facial hair).

Who says looking after your beard abroad is hard work?

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