Beard Comb or Brush - Which to Choose?

August 06, 2018

Beard Comb or Brush

Choosing between a beard comb or brush?

With the brand new release of our awesome beard grooming accessories:

  • The 100% sandalwood wooden beard comb, specifically made for extra durability and beard stylability (no matter the beard size and style).


  • The 100% boar bristle beard brush to help keep your beard maintenance to a top notch level as well as to help stimulate beard hair growth.

We thought this would make for a very fitting post to detail exactly what the differences are between the two - and ultimately which one is best suited for you and your beard - and actually whether  in fact should adopt both into your beard grooming tools (hint hint: we think it should definitely be the latter) and beard regimen.

So what’s the difference?

Apart from the obvious fact.

One is a brush and the other is a comb.

And they actually do a pretty similar job, in keeping your beard maintained.

There are some differences - mainly for the type of beard you’ve got. For instance, if you’ve got a particularly long and/or rather curly beard which is prime to knotting and hairs are crisscrossing and basically primed to getting tangled up - a comb is going to help out those whiskers, more so than a brush would (at least in or experience).

A brush is great at helping to shape up the beard and bring some natural order to it (in fact we often go about combing the beard outwards, separating the hairs - following the natural direction of your beard and occasionally going against it - then making use of the brush to help shape it all up and bring it back together). Plus, it helps to stimulate your beard with the way that the boar bristles are positioned - not to mention it feels awesome against your beard.

Just don’t go for too much combing or brushing of your beard - once after you’ve applied your beard oil or balm - and then maybe once more during the day. If you do it too often you end up risking potentially doing more harm than good to your beard, resulting in beard shedding and unnecessary beard hair loss.

So which to choose?

If we are completely honest.

It depends on the beardsmen and their beard - even then you might start to prefer one over the other as your beard grows out longer (i.e your short beard compared to a long beard with a comb vs beard).

Some like to use just a beard brush and some like to use just a beard comb. What we find to be more the case is that some beardsmen like to use one or the other for certain tasks.

Myself for example, prefer to opt for the comb after I’ve made use of a beard oil to help properly distribute it through the beard - it just feels more like I’ve hit it from the very base rather than with the beard brush. That said, the opposite is true for after I’ve used a beard balm, using a comb just doesn’t seem to play very nicely whereas the boar bristle brush makes for an excellent tool to make sure it is properly and evenly distributed across the beard.

Like we say, ultimately it’s going to come down your specific preference - and the best way to find that out? Is to try both.

Chances are though, you are going to want to pick up both - as they each come in handy for their own specific task. What we don't recommend whatever you do is get a sub-par beard brush or comb (like the ones you pick up in local petrol stations - made from cheap pvc plastic that will end up causing way more problems for your beard than you are solving due to the static that they create, resulting in beard splits and an array of other issues that your beard will end up likely to be riddled with).

That’s partly why we went above and beyond with our grooming tools, so you know when you get one from us - you’re getting a high quality piece of beard grooming kit.

What’s causing you the most issues with your beard?

Whether it is deciding between whether you need a beard comb or you need to go with a beard brush, whether you want to use a beard oil or a beard balm (and in that case, which beard balm should you be using?) - there’s a lot of decisions to be made.

And we’ve been there ourselves, it can get freaking daunting over something that’s meant to be pretty simple.

That’s why we are offering out a reaching hand.

Like many of our regulars already know… we really want to help you out with your beard!

So if there’s literally any problems that you are having with your beard we want to know about it and we can help you out. Feel free to just drop us a message right here and we’ll be back in touch with you soon!

(And keep on bearding!)

Want the ultimate solution for your beard (that includes the beard comb & brush in one awesome package)?

Not only have we brought out two additional beard grooming tools to the Robin Hood Beard Co. range, but we are extremely proud to announce something rather awesome…

… after the success of the beard starter kits that we brought out earlier in the year…

… we wanted to take it a step further.

See, those grooming kits (as stated) only really solved half the equation. The beard grooming side, making sure you are getting the core necessities for your beard (to look and feel great) but we weren’t providing the other half of the formula - and that’s the maintenance side - exactly where the beard brush and beard comb come into play.

So, we’ve stepped up our game.

In a big way.

In fact, we’ll just leave this here:

(As you can probably already tell, it’s something rather special).

If you are really still struggling to decide between the beard comb or beard brush, then talk to us. We will be more than happy to help.

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