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Beard Butter: The Ultimate Beard Leave in Conditioner?

June 07, 2018

Beard Butter

Do you want to learn more about beard butter?

We’ve been getting a fair few emails in recently asking us:

  • What is beard butter, does it differ to beard balm?

  • Should I use beard balm or beard butter?

  • Beard butter… is it this? Is it that?

  • So we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to clarify exactly what the differences are and where our products lie on the spectrum of beard products.

    What is beard butter?

    Basically, beard butter and beard balm is pretty interchangeable terminology.

    Clearly, the only real prerequisite of a beard butter (such as shea butter, cocoa butter both great for the beard and are the most popular ingredients amongst beard butters, it is either one or the other or mixture of the two) is that it actually contains a ‘butter’ type ingredient to it whereas a beard balm can and can go without it.

    Our two balms are a great example:

    So technically speaking our texture beard balm range is a beard butter, as it contains shea.  

    Whereas the multi beard balm wouldn’t be considered a beard butter, as no butters are used.

    However, both can be classed as balms.

    A beard butter is basically is a product within the beard balm family. They do tend to use higher proportions than a typical balm might (and certainly the texture balm we do features above) and might make use of multiple butters.

    Ultimately though, they are there to do the same job and get used much like a beard balm would anyway.

    Where our balms do slightly differ is that you will find commonly that a butter is camps more with the beard conditioning side (like our beard moisturisers and beard oils do) and instead of styling product like ours above they are there to help feed the beard with nutrition, vitamins, proteins and to actually inject the beard with some much-needed hydration.

    So if you have a particularly scraggly beard or it has got to get a bit wiry they are a great option to go for, ultimately though we would recommend our beard moisturiser and beard oil duo over just getting a beard butter if you are beard has got to that stage though.

    Like a balm though they are also scented, what we do tend to find though is that they can be scents that don’t last particularly long. Sure, they are bold to start but seem to start to dwindle off rather quickly.

    We actually prefer the opposite and actively go for it.

    A much mellower and more subtle scent that’s not too overpowering, however will linger on your beard for a longer period during the day. This is just in our experience though (let us know if your experience is different, if you have tried beard balms and butters).

    They also tend to ‘quite like a beard oil does actually’ - leave a very shiny appearance, rather than a matte type effect like a beard balm will. Each to their own, on how they want the beard to come across but they certainly finish rather differently (especially the butters with higher concentrations) so that’s worth noting. We find the best blend is a textured finish from one of our beard balms (especially the texture balm on big beards) then just a few drops of beard oil spread across the beard has the best results.

    You will also find butters tend to break down really easily between your fingers, and emulsify almost literally just by sitting in your palm yet still remain quite bitty and greasy - they also can feel slightly heavy and groggy in the beard. That’s at least from the experiments and beard butters we have tried out.

    Beard Oil Vs Beard Butter Vs Beard Balm

    Obviously, beard oil is in a liquid format and performs as the best product for all out beard conditioning - at least the initial jump start.

    A beard butter acts as part of the beard balm family, and typically towards the beard conditioning side as a leave in conditioner.

    What they can do rather effectively is block and hold moisture within the beard, which is great if you need to have something tackle that itchiness whilst you are at work (although we would only recommend them for larger beards as they can tend to be quite dense and greasy, especially if you use too much).

    Can a beard butter be a beard oil substitute?

    Although, we wouldn’t outright recommend it.

    If you get the right beard butter, yeah for sure.

    Just make sure that it has a high conditioning properties (that you can get from the ingredients), even then though we would recommend at least a little use of beard oil if you find that your beard is struggling and getting a little dry.

    Again though, if you do this make sure you are matching the scent of the beard oil up with the scent of the beard butter (unless you have one that is scentless) so they don’t end up conflicting with scents - otherwise they make quite frankly an odd aroma - that no one wants to have a whiff off.

    New to growing a beard and looking to make the most of it?

    To put it short.

    We recommend you saving yourself a lot of trouble and quite frankly bearded heartache.

    Trust us, there’s nothing worse than spending months and months growing out your beard, to find there’s a bunch of split ends, that makes the entire beard go frizzy, all because of a bit of beard TLC neglect.

    The best way to get around this is to sort invest in your beard with our famous men’s beard grooming kits.

    You’re supplied with everything your beard needs to stay healthy, look awesome and smell freaking… well just how a beard ought to smell.

    Like always, if you have any questions about beard butter and how they compare to other products, simply drop by at our contact box - submit the question - and we will get back to you right away. We always love a good beard talk natter. It doesn’t just have to be about beard butter, literally anything you’re struggling with right now - let us know!

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