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Beard Burn When Kissing - Here’s How to Fix It

August 03, 2018

beard burn

Are you suffering from beard burn when kissing?

When we get beardsmen emailing in (which we 100% encourage you to do - about whatever beard issue you have).

We get the one about the better half raise her concerns with ‘beard burn’, ‘beard rash’ and the general discomfort when kissing you with a beard.

Heck, we’ve even heard of stories of women witholding kisses till they shave it off.

An ultimatum of the beard or kisses?

Well I know which one we’d opt for.

However, moving on quickly - if you are in the business of wanting the best of both worlds - we’ve devised a plan of action to help deal with the dreaded beard burn.

Invest in the following gear:

i) Super high quality beard oil (make sure you look to see you have the right ingredients).

To save you time, you could just visit here and get your one sent to your front door pretty soonish.

ii) Super high quality beard moisturiser balm (again, make sure to see it has the right ingredients).

Again, to save you time. We’re just going to link you up here.

iii) Finally, get yourself a quality boar bristle brush and comb

Which is also here.

Now although these could take a bit of work to find lucky for you. We’ve got them all right here in one neat spot and we’ll draw a little grooming routine for you to follow to ensure your beard is as supple and soft as it can be to try and prevent the beard burn from occurring in the first place.

Got all the goods?

Yep, good.

First, size up the beard.

If it is sticking out everywhere and is an all-round great big bushy beard.

The first thing you should be thinking about - a trip to the barbers (with one you trust) to properly sort out your beard and get it neatened up to take out the knots and split ends that could be riddled within your beard.

Put it this way, have you neglected your beard in the last month or so?

Be honest.

If it is a yes, get yourself down there.

If it is a no, even still - does it look like a neat beard? If no, get yourself down there.

Second, regularly (at most twice a day) comb and brush your beard

Now the trick is to keep it in a well-maintained state.

The best way to do this?

Is just to regular give it a decent comb and brush through. What this will do is help to tame your beard but also distribute the natural oils that reside within your beard right throughout the strands of your beard hairs effectively encourage better beard growth.

The result?

A better-maintained beard. Which means?

It is softer, more supple and likely to cause less irritation when kissing and causing unnecessary friction.

Finally, follow up the duo softening combo (oil + balm).

Now this is where the real magic happens.

It is a little grooming routine that we have developed over the years that we think will help out a bunch of guys who are struggling with a rough beard or in this case a beard that is causing unwanted irritation.

So it starts off as follows.

On a night time, when you’ve just had a warm shower.

This is the perfect time to apply a decent amount of beard oil. We usually go for the following rule: 2 + the amount of time you spent growing your beard. So you’ve been growing it for 3 months straight? Go for 5 drops.

In this case, we are already operating from a weakened position - so we recommend going for another 2. So, in this case, it would be 7.

Why just after a warm shower?

As this is when your skin is most exposed (make sure you are somewhat dry when you do it though). This is going to act as the deep conditioning aspect when you head off to bed.

Now in the morning.

Reach over for the beard moisturiser that we talked about earlier. This is what acts as a beard leave in conditioner.

This will help keep your beard hydrated through the working day and help to hold the moisture within your bristles. Now, if you are still struggling feel free to add a drop or two of beard oil into your beard.

A few days of this and you should be having a super soft beard.

If any issues still persist - then get in touch!

Is there anything else that can be to help the problem?

Now this is a great set of steps for you to take.

However, it is a two way street. You can encourage her to try some products out too and help soothe the effects too to help reduce the chaffing from exfoliating to using shea butter and so on.

There’s always a solution - just keep working on it.

And if you are still struggling then getting in touch with us - before ever resorting to just shaving it off - I’m sure there is something we can come up with to help solve it. Whatever you do - don’t shave it off, quite yet.

The easiest way to solve the beard burn issues…

All the advice is good for dealing with beard burn.

If you are after a one product fix to solve it easily.

We’re just going to point you in the direction of our beard grooming kit page - that you can find right about here:

It contains everything a beard needs to help reduce the impact of beard burn and rash - especially the beard moisturiser and oil.

Regular application of that - like mentioned above should help out a tonne.

Plus, that beard will be smelling awesome.

Any other beard problems? Let us know!

If there are any bearding issues that you’re suffering with let us know.

Got too scraggly?  Getting all kindsa itchy?

Not basically looking quite how you want it?

Then please just head over to the contact us page and we can help you out - we get emails from beardsmen from all kinds of backgrounds, struggling with all kinds of issues and we like to think we’ve helped every single one of them at least to some extent.

Shoot us a message and we will be with you much sooner than you think.

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