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6 Month Beard Growth Progress, Psychology & Care Guide

November 18, 2018 1 Comment

6 Month Beard Growth

We’ve talked a lot at Robin Hood Beard co about the different stages of beard growth - and at the 6 month beard period - you should have a pretty darn hefty decent beard.

And to be honest, you’ve probably got this beard growing and maintenance thing down to a fine art.

Your grooming routine will probably look something as follows:

  • You make use of your favourite beard oil with a fair amount of drops between 4 and 8 (depending on how long you kept your beard, some like to go for a full on short beard, some grow it all out).
  • You’ve probably invested in some sort of beard styling product to keep your beard in the right shape and want to start to get to grips with how you want it to sit. Of course, you aren’t neglecting use of moustache wax either I hope.
  • You’re making sure that you are completing what we refer to as the other half the beard grooming equation by regularly brushing and combing your beard to to make sure you don’t run into beard knots and such like.

By this point.

You’ve probably got a little grooming routine worked out.

You know what you do, when to do it and really had a bit of a play about with it - which is exactly what a beard should be about.

Just a bit of fun.

Of course, you’re not going to know all the answers but you’ve certainly come along way from knowing the difference between a beard oil and a beard balm.

What you might have found and it’s something I’ve certainly noticed when I started with growing out a beard that other areas of your personal grooming has picked up too.

Before I started to get serious with my beard, I pretty much (and quite wrongly) outright neglected my head hair. Only after taking such good care of my beard, have I noticed how the two play well together.

Your beard looks better when it compliments your head hair. Now I’m putting more effort into working out whether I should go for a water based pomade or an oil based one, do I go for a slick back with a disconnected undercut with my new beard trim.

You will slowly find yourself putting more and more effort into looking freaking awesome.

I guess at this point, it’s more about the everyday life to life of owning a beard. The psychological, societal aspects - we could go on but basically, it boils down to this:

Are you enjoying it?

That’s the main thing.

Do you like the way it feels?

The way it looks?

You might not have really even though about it, but is it actually ‘adding’ to your life, do you feel more confident, more manly - if you can say yes? Then damn! That’s a real beardsmen right there.

On the other hand, don’t feel bad - if that’s not you right now.

Everyone gets down about some things (I’ve been there plenty of times too - especially in that awkward scraggly stage where it just looks like a bit of a bush), but we always encourage the 48 to 72 hour rule before deciding to do anything rash.

You might have got to a certain point and thought I’ve had enough of my beard now (it happens!) -  and that’s completely cool - but just wait on it, sit it out for a bit. Give it 72 hours, there’s no rush is there?

Let yourself mull it over a little, is it really as bad as it seems? Do you really dislike it or did it catch you in an off mood?

If you still don’t like it - try and pint point exactly why:

Is it looking a little out of place? That’s an easy fix, head to a good trusted beard barber and they will sort it out for you.

Is the itching getting irritable? You bet it is, but there are things you can do there to adjust as well - you washing it too much.

Did someone make a snarky dig at work? Screw ‘em. Your beard, you do what you want. Besides, did you know how your beard is beating there baldy face in all kinds of different aspects in life.

All in all.

Reaching a beard with 6 months growth is a commendable feat.

Beards, they take time and patience - and quite frankly whole lot of freaking effort too, to ensure they are looking their best.

That all said, they are a bunch of fun too and if they make you feel good, there’s nothing more to be said. Besides, there’s nothing better than walking passed a complete beardy stranger and giving the silent nod of approval as you stroke your beard - and they know exactly what you mean, you’re complimenting their beard and give a nod of gratitude back without ever saying a word (oh, is that just me?).

Cheers to the beard hood!

And remember… keep on beardin’ fellas!

After some more beardy talk and advice? Then hit us up!

Literally, just head over to the contact page we have set up.

Punch in a line or two with anything beard related - let us know if you have are having an issues. Suffering with beard split ends? Not as soft and supple as you want it? Got a slight problem with beard pong (yes, smelly beards do happen).

We want to know about it.

And hopefully, we can help you out. Worst comes to worst, we get to talk to some fellow beardsmen - which is part of the reason why we set out to make the darn best beard grooming company on the planet!

So go ahead, it’s all good. Shoot across a message and we will get back to you pronto.

The easiest route to a great beard

Now all the above might seem a little over the top.

And is it? Yeah, a little bit.

That’s why we wanted to get down to the absolute basics - to make beard care simple and fun.

So we made this.

All the products were carefully chosen to work together to ensure you and your beard are getting exactly what it needs!

Let us know how your 6 month beard is getting on. 

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Carsen Johnson
Carsen Johnson

January 17, 2019

I’m 17 and already have a full beard. It’s about 3 inches long and I want to go 6 months without trimming it and letting it grow

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