5 Best Beard Gifts Ideas to Get Beardsmen

5 Best Beard Gifts Ideas to Get Beardsmen

So you are looking for some of the best beard gift  ideas to get for a special beard in your life?

Whether it is for your boyfriend, brother or father (hey, it might even be yourself). You’ve come to the right place for sure.


We’ve narrowed down 7 great beard gift ideas to really treat a beard (hey, it hella deserves it after all).

  1. Beard Grooming Kit


Nothing quite says “I love your beard” more than this beard grooming kit.

Ultimately this is exactly what you want to be going for if you are really wanting to impress a man with a beard.

When we often get asked (and feel free to do so yourself, by dropping us an email) what should I get my husband / boyfriend / dad for christmas / birthday? Etc.

This is ALWAYS our number one, two and three on our recommended list of beardy things to get him. See a beard care gift set like these ones - are the best way to have all things covered and is a great way to stay to a boyfriend, “you mean a lot” to a brother and well you get the picture. Or

Watch his beard ends twitch with glee as he opens up this.

See, our specialist beard kits will provide him with everything his furry face needs and more. It comes with a beard oil to ensure his beard is incredibly soft. A multi beard balm to help him with sculpting his beard into place (yet still looking natural). Along with a moustache wax to help get his whiskers into shape (and to actually stay there).

All the while exuding a natural manly odour from our range of three scents: the outlaw (which is a premium Bay Rum scent, one word: gorgeous), the Rusky Love (a fantastic exuberant scent) and finally Old Smoke (a whisky infused, all around manly scent).

Whether he is brand new to the beard growing game or he is a seasoned bearded veteran - any man with a beard will love his own little collection (and as he runs out, he get top ups too and even expand the range if he wants to become a little more adventurous).

  1. Beard Oil

Every beardsman needs a beard oil in his grooming arsenal.

It’s pretty much a necessity in or book.

Whether they have literally a 3 day old stubble to a full on grown out beard that’s over a year old. A beard oil will help to keep the beard well nourished, hydrated (provides it with all the additional vitamins and proteins it needs) and makes it smell freaking great too.

So any beardsmen is going to appreciate this as a beard gift.

We offer it in seven luscious and outright intoxicating and unique scents:

  • Dark Honey - a beautiful honey based, cedarwood and patchouli scented

  • Down by the River - ylang ylang scented that provides a crips earthy and fresh feel

  • Forest Fruits - as by the name a fruity, sweet based

  • Old Smoke - a proper manly aroma with whiskey and tobacco

  • Rusky Love - a rather naughty scent, this is one you are just going to have to try out

  • Temptation - a delicious almond infused scented beard oil with super sweet and rich undertones

  • The Outlaw - our premium based bay rum scent and an outright favourite

You can checkout out the full beard oil range here.

If you can’t decide which scent to get him, you can always take a look at our beard oil gift sets, they come in a kit of our three top selling (top smelling) scents - and you get a decent discount for getting three.

  1. Beard Pomade Styling Balm

A product loved by many beardsmen - this is a specialised beard styling product.

A beard pomade.

Mainly intended for men with beards that are on the thicker and unrulier side (if he has a shorter type beard, please refer to option 4).

This would be the perfect present for such a guy, because quite frankly he probably doesn’t even know they exist.

See, we like to experiment a lot here at RHBC, we don’t make the standard product a lot of beard companies do - we like to put our own twist on products.

And this right here, is a prime example.

This beard pomade will offer him a strong hold to get to grips with the body of his beard hair, tame the flyaways in, offer the styling abilities that he is after. All the while, actually helping to condition and look after his beard.

Which is nothing really like a traditional beard balm that ‘just’ acts to conditioning the beard - it doesn't style their beard.  

Unfortunately a lot of guys end up using hair products on their beards to tame it down, which works in the short term - but over the long run  - they are likely going to end up damaging their beards.

With this though, they will keep it in better condition than ever.

  1. Beard Moisturiser Multi Balm


Does he complain of a particularly itchy beard?

Has he come close to shaving it off a few times?

Is it looking scraggly?

Then a beard moisturiser balm will be just what needs.

If he already has a beard oil ready - this is what he needs to look at next (provided he is looking after his beard in the right way, preventing it from becoming scraggly, wiry and dry).

This is a beard moisturiser - that basically performs like a leave in conditioner. Apply it in the morning and it will keep your beard feeling fresh (minimising the itchiness) throughout the day - slowly releasing hydration and also acting to keep it locked in within the beard.

It also performs a slight natural hold as well to keep beards tamed (more for use with shorter beards, those that are under two inch or so - anything bigger, you are going to need the beard pomade).

We recommend using along with the beard oil, just not at the same time.

Think of it like the following:

Night time routine

Take a shower, dry the beard and apply the beard oil. This acts to deeply condition the beard to help soften it up.

Morning time routine

Use the multi beard balm to give you some added moisture as well as to lock it into the beard. This will help it feeling comfortable throughout the day.

  1. Extra Firm Moustache Wax


No beard is complete without a stellar stache to go with it.

It helps the ebard to really stand out and add significant texture - and all round make for a better looking beard.

We handbrew with specialised ingredients to formulate a strong and tough moustache wax that will keep even the most unruliest whiskers well-behaved.

Plus, it gives a rich kicking scent that gives a distinctive boost to the general fragrance of the beard.

When buying beard products as gifts - try to make sure all the scents match - otherwise when he is going to use a beard oil and a moustache wax, they will be conflicting scents with one another causing a rather complex and all around unsatisfying scent. Complimenting tones (i.e the same scent) provide rich undertones of one another, carrying the aroma even further.

  1. Wooden Beard Comb

Just like beard oil, we consider a beard comb pretty much an essential.

We like to consider it pretty much the other half of the equation to rocking a freaking great beard.

Where a beard oil will take care of the health of the beard, a beard comb will tidy up the appearance, and help the oil reach its full potential by thoroughly distributing the oil right across your beard (from the bottom of the shaft right to the tip) to ensure it gets completely covered.

The thing is.

Not all beard combs are built the same.

Not by a long shot.

In fact, some might actually end up doing more harm than good in the long run - cheap plastic pvc ones can cause your beard to frizz. That’s why we went out of our way to create a comb that we are truly proud of and one that beardsmen can be proud of as well.

So if you know he a beard oil or balm but doesn’t have a comb? Do your bearded fellow a favour - and pick him up one of these - he’ll love you for it soon enough.

  1.  Boar Bristle Brush

Now there are some beardsmen out there who like to have the debate:

Beard brush or beard comb?

And although you can get by with one or the other, we will ALWAYS recommend that you invest in both.

And it’s simple really.

Some things you need a beard brush for (which it is particularly good at) and then other times a beard comb can prove particularly useful.

Now all that said, we do have a particular soft spot for a good quality 100% natural boar bristle brush. Why?

Because it just helps in so many ways.

From helping to spread the oils that naturally reside on your beard whilst brushing (i.e sebum getting distributed along the shaft of your beard hairs), to helping you get a handle on the beard shape itself (it’s particularly great at working in the beard moisturiser, we mentioned a little earlier), plus it just feels incredibly soothing on your beard.

What are you going to treat his beard to?

Any man is going to love any of these beard gifts - however what you do get him ultimately depends on your budget. If you need something on the cheaper side, honestly with a beard oil, you can’t go wrong (particularly The Outlaw, a leading customer favourite). If you need something to provide a bit of a wow factor - then the beard care gift sets are the way forward.

Price ranges to consider:

Beard Oil - up to £13.95 (a necessity, that we hear literally nothing but good things about).

Beard Moisturiser - up to £14.95 (an innovative product that helps to serve those who are looking for a beard oil substitute or are struggling quite severely with a rough scraggly beard despite the use of regular beard oil).

Beard Pomade - up to £12.95 (this goes down as a recommended buy for sure, if he has a beard on the bigger side).

Moustache wax - £12.95 (keep the whiskers in check and out of your food, plus adds a killer distinctive stache to complete the beard look).

Beard Grooming Kit - up to £30.95 (get everything a beard could ever want, in one neat and rather awesome package).

Beard Comb - (sort your beard out and keep it well behaved with a daily comb and help spread the natural oils that reside in your beard).

Beard Brush - (help to evenly distribute the oils that reside on your beard and make sure they are properly coated).

The Outlaw Scent

Now you might be wondering why The Outlaw scent is a little more expensive? Well basically, that’s the range that has received a little bit of extra attention from us (and when we say ‘a little’, we’re being modest) and uses some extra fine ingredients, that gives that subtle edge (that’s completely worth it) over the rest of the beard scent ranges.

We like to think of it as the scent you opt for when you doing something a little special, when you go out for a meal somewhere, trying to impress someone - you know the drill.

Need some help.

Like we always advocate here on Robin Hood Beard Co. we just want to help you guys out. So if you are literally having any difficutlies whatsoever on picking, choosing what product, what scent and so on - do not hesitate to fire over an email in or direction.

The best place to catch us? Right here on or contact page.

Then we will make sure that we get back to you as soon as possible. Again, whether it is just general beard advice you are wondering about or something specific, heck even if it is just to discuss what happened in the world today - we can help you out - and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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