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5 Beard Care Tips That Work

September 06, 2016

beard care tips

I know what it’s like when you live a busy life and simply don’t have time to pamper your newly grown beard 24/7, and the truth is, you don’t have to. You only have to do enough to maintain it without spending all day in the mirror.

It comes down to experience, everything’s a learning curve when it comes to keeping a good beard, you’ve gotta learn the pros and cons, find your own way of doing it...... Just pay attention to how your beard acts and what it needs.

I’ve outlined some simple beard tips that keep my beard in good nick on a weekly basis.

Really easy, no fuss beard care tips made to work coming from experience. 

Tip 1.)

Wash your beard 2-4 times a week, not everyday!

Yeah, it sounds pretty strange right. Now I know what you’re thinking, surely the beard is better if it’s washed regularly. From experience, I think the opposite on this, I’m not disputing it’s important to wash the beard of dirt and grime to keep it healthy but it’s not required every day. Same as the hair on your head, your beard gathers its own natural oils and oils you add with beard care. To wash every day is just stripping it of its natural oils and making it weak, the only time you should be washing your beard everyday is if you’ve used more than beard care products, such as wax, hairspray or if it’s literally filthy with obvious dirt!

I wash my beard no more than 3 times a week, when I feel it’s starting to get greasy or when I feel it’s starting to get dry.

Tip 2.)

Apply beard oil before you go to sleep

Now we all have preference of when’s the right time to apply beard oil, it took me a while to figure out mine to be honest. If you have a longer beard it’s especially important to apply beard oil before you hit the hay.

1 - It’s soaks in for longer as you sleep giving your beard more softness and vitality in the      morning

2 - It’s easier to manage first thing in the morning

3 - It comes in handy to have your beard all set if you’re in a rush to get out first thing

Tip 3.)

If you don’t have any beard oil or beard balms, get some hair conditioner free of paraffin’s/additives and perfume

If you’re unsure what beard care to buy, what’s best to use and why you need to use it, pop onto our homepage and read our ‘Why use beardcare’ page. If you simply don’t use any beard care pick up a bottle of conditioner free of paraffin’s/additives and perfume and use on your beard in the shower a few times a week. Sure, beard oil and beard balms are on any bearded man's essential list and are extremely important but failing all, use this type of conditioner on your beard to keep it soft and maintained, decreasing split ends and not applying the damaging substances that’s in regular conditioner.

Tip 4.)

Use a low to medium heat when blow drying

One of the most popular tricks us bearded guys do is to get handy with the hairdryer, it saves time in the morning and makes it feel thicker. But be cautious, drying your beard with a regular hot heat will burn it, make it feel rougher and potentially pull out hairs when you’re brushing it. Use a low to medium heat only, using this temperature will make it feel dry but soft, not damaging to your beard.

Tip 5.)

DO NOT over-brush your beard

I’d say this is one or the most important beard technique that works well for my beard. We need to brush our beards most definitely, it gets the tangles out and makes it flow freely getting air to your face but over-brushing can be potentially damaging to your beard.

The more you brush it, the weaker the support gets and the more hairs you’re gonna pull out, if you brush or comb your beard too often it will become thinner and look out of volume. Brush or comb your beard no more than twice a day, first thing in the morning as your daily regimen and once more (If necessary) if you need a touch up.

Looking for a quick fire tip that can help your beard literally in days?

Treat yourself to one of these.

Choose whichever scent you fancy (that said, there seems to be a clear and distinct favourite amongst beardsmen out there).

Use it daily (especially the moisturiser and conditioning oil)

Give it a few weeks and your beard will absolutely love you for it.

It will be much softer, look much better, will be a lot healthier and will smell freaking epic. All in all, it makes owning a beard a lot easier to live with, plus you reap more of the rewards - a good smelling - all-round epic beard. Really, who doesn’t want that?

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