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5 Amazing Argan Oil Benefits for Beards

July 18, 2018

argan oil for beards

Find out the benefits of Argan oil for your beard.

If you are into beard oils at all, there’s no doubting that you will have come across Argan oil before.

And there’s no surprise why really.

It’s pretty freaking epic for your beard.

That’s exactly what we are going to cover today, what 7 awesome things Argan Oil can do for your beard.

So what makes argan oil so great for beard hair?

First off, it dampens inflammation.

Here’s how it works.

If you look at what argan oil is actually composed of, you will see that it is dense in oleic (which can be referred to as Omega 9) as well as linoleic (which is what’s known as Omega 6), both of which are fatty acids.

These as well as bioflavonoids.

Both worth together to really help with reducing inflammation, helping to deal with soreness and any potential rashes that could be brewing and is another reason we highly recommend applying beard oil even after a shave and particularly round the “itchy beard phase period”.

Second, it performs like a natural moisturiser.

It works to deeply penetrate your beard and skin.

See, it is also packing a lot of antioxidants as well as other components to basically do one hell of a great job at deeply conditioning and hydrating your skin as well as your beard.

Giving you the feel of a smoother and softer feeling beard - soothing bristles and dry skin (actively fighting against a riddling of beardy issues).

That just looks 10 x better and leaves that slightly health sheen that you notice after you’ve applied the beard oil.

Plus, it is said to help with the actual promotion of healthy growth too as well as repairing damaged hairs - combatting split ends, brittle hairs and so on - which is attributed mainly to Vitamin E that’s found within the oil.

Third, it’s a lightweight blend.

Unlike a lot of other carrier oils.

You will find that Argan oil is actually quite a lightweight oil.

It won’t leave your beard feeling groggy, greasy and darn right pretty uncomfortable. Instead, we found it to be quite a light blend that leaves it feeling crisp and fresh.

Then after a while, you don’t tend to really notice it.

Again, this comes down to preference but after speaking with a lot of beard folk, the lightweight tends to be the preferred type of oil compared to that of a thick one. On the other hand, guys who have the thick beard oil ‘feel’ like it’s getting to work better.

Again, this one comes down to preference.

In our book though? It gets a whopping great big tick.

Fourth, improves the look of your skin and beard management.

First off.

There have been studies that show it actually benefits those with spots (some guys find that beard oil incites a range of spots, this could be worth a try for those guys).

It helps regulate the sebum levels on your face yet keeps the moisturisation of your face and beard high - like we mentioned, since it is a natural high moisturiser.

Not only that, it will actually help to maintain your wild mountain man beard.

If you’ve got a particularly unruly beard - argan oil should help you out.

As mentioned a bit earlier, as Argan oil is considered quite light, it can easily spread along the shaft of your beard hair and along with the fats it helps to retain moisture for even longer.

Making this perfect for those with a scraggly type beard or one that is turning a bit wiry. In all, it basically means when it comes to brushing and combing it will be easier for you to get a shaper and more groomed look to your beard. Plus, it should help at least to some extent prevent flyaways and beard curl from under your chin from occurring.

Fifth, prevent an onslaught of beardy problems

The main benefit that argan oil really offers.

Is the ones you don’t see.

How it prevents you from getting beard flakes, floating into your mug of coffee on a morning. How your beard won’t get irritable and itchy - leading you to question why you’ve got a beard at all. How you won’t be having a dry, brittle and tired feeling beard.

It will instead ensure that your beard feels just like a beard ought to feel.

Comfortable, snuggly and soft.

Not to mention looking freaking awesome. That is the main benefit of argan oil, the problems you won’t have come up as a result of lack of use and frequent application of oil.

Start using it for three months. Then stop using it for three months.

Then you can get a good idea just ‘how’ awesome argan oil really is for your beard and why you should make the most of it.

Are you struggling with your beard?

If you have any issues or problems with growing out your beard.

We want to hear about them.

Whether you aren’t quite getting the growth you want, and if you are - it’s not turning out quite you like? Is it too itchy or too wiry?

Basically, we don’t want you to give up and start shaving your beard - talk to us first, hopefully, we can work something out.

We’ve already helped out a bunch of beardsmen just talking to them one on one. So get involved, send us across what issue you are having and hopefully, we can help.

We’ve got something a little special we want to share with you…

It’s something we’ve been working on, for quite a while.

And it’s a basic premise of wanting to keep beard grooming simple whilst saving you a bit of cash in the process. 

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So we’ve supplied it with one of our legendary beard oils, a beard moisturiser to keep your beard feeling fresh and well hydrated and moustache wax that offers the distinctive style that keeps your overall look on point.

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