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3 Month Beard Care Guide: Journey & Progress

May 21, 2018 4 Comments

3 Month Beard Care

We get a lot of questions from guys at this critical 3 month beard stage.

Usually, they are concerned with patchiness and whether they are really cut out to be growing a beard.

And our answer is always the same.

Literally give it at least another month if not two.

See, the 3 month stage of the bearded journey is a really awkward one (this and the itchy beard phase that comes in after about two weeks of growth), you’ve well and truly passed the standard short stubble beard stage but you haven’t actually grown quite enough yet to pass a fully formed beard yet either.

You haven’t got quite enough to trim, but neither should (at least in your mind) be showing patchiness.

But trust us.

A somewhat patchy beard at 3 months is normal.

You can see from the bunch of time lapse pictures that at the three month stage, a beard can still be in its early stages. And it could be simply the case yours is a little late to blossom.

Here’s our top 4 care tips for those for guys at this stage:

  1. Don’t Get it Trimmed (either by yourself or a barber)

Hey, we get it. At this stage your beard might not be looking quite what you thought, and looks outright scraggly.

However, don’t start trimming it yet (unless you’ve got a proper beard already) until about another month or so.

Ideally, we would make this should be number one, two and three on the list.

Please, don’t trim your beard too early whether you plan on doing it yourself or getting your barber to do it.

The only real time you should be doing it at this stage, is if you have a knot that you simply can’t seem to sort out or if you have split ends (and if that’s the case, at this stage, you seriously need to look at investing in some more beard oil if you don’t already have some - and perhaps even a beard moisturiser to help out further).

The amount of guys who take a pair of scissors or a trimmer to their beard when it is just too early, is, well, a lot. And then they are disheartened with the fact their beard is not growing enough - but it’s no wonder, cause they aren’t giving their beard a chance to properly grow out.

Different hairs on the face grow out at different speeds, give the slow growing hairs a chance to play catch up.

  1. Do Apply Beard Oil (regularly)

I think this is almost a given at this stage.

However, if you aren’t using beard oil then there are huge gains to be had for your beard. You will see it become softer, easier to manage and smell freaking great.

And not to mention after continued use a better looking beard. Find out how to apply beard oil here

Like we say though, really, we presume you are using it at this stage. 

However, what you might not be using is a beard pomade balm. As your beard has undoubtedly got bigger, it will have become harder and harder to get a hold of this.

This is where this little styling product comes in.

See, it still offers beneficial conditioning properties for your beard but it also offers you a good level of hold so you can get to grips better over the hairs flying in each and every other way.

  1. Make sure you feed “your inner beard”

Although really, we don’t advocate taking ‘beard vitamins’ the principle of feeding your body and consequently your beard is a good step to take.

Your beard craves certain minerals, vitamins and proteins in order to reach its full potential. Making sure you are getting a proper, all round diet is always the best approach to take.

Also ensuring that you are getting plenty of rest, avoiding stress (the best you can) and exercising has a link to the amount of testerone you are producing - which also tied to just how well your beard is growing.

So like you have probably heard a hundred times before.

Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise well.

  1. Protect your beard from dryness

The main culprit of this is when guys take showers.

  • First, stop washing your beard so much. Unless, you are constantly getting it dirty and it starts smelling. Washing it once or twice a week is the aim - otherwise you are just stripping the oils away from your beard for no reason.
  • Secondly, make sure you wash it with something natural (and isn’t going to coat your hair in a bunch of chemicals that prevent moisture reaching your beard) - as you are going to want to replenish the lost oils with a beard oil.
  • Third, make sure the shower isn’t too hot - this can result in weakening the beard hairs.
  • Fourth, don’t dry your beard aggressively with a towel. Just pat it down. And please don’t take a hair dryer to it (and if you must, stick it on the lowest possible setting).

All in all, congratulate yourself on getting this far. It’s a really good achievement and from here on in, it is just about general bearded maintenance and having some fun with it. 

How to make a beard look thicker

If you are really concerned with your patchy beard there are a few things you can do to at least make it look thicker.

  • Style the flyaways hairs into the beard (preventing them from sticking out)
  • Train your beard, brushing hairs inwards towards the beard 
  • If you can, avoid the sun (as it naturally lightens up your facial hair)

Is your beard in need of some good old TLC?

Then we’ve got to point you straight to our beard care sets, we’ve put these together for guys who are need of an SOS facial scruff situation. Whether, it is driving you crazy with itchiness, need a fuller looking beard or just want it smelling quite frankly legendary.

These kits are comprised of our rather famous beard oil, beard moisturiser balm and extra firm ‘stache wax will have your beard being the thing of benvy (amongst beardsmen - beard envy), outright lust of the fairer sex - and have you feeling like you own a damn right awesome beard. Hopefully, you feel better about the 3 month beard stage, but if you do have an questions then get in touch.

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