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2 Week Beard: Get the Best Bearded Beginnings

June 12, 2018

2 week beard

Do you want to know what a 2 week beard looks like?

Note: this article is a series in our beard growth stages timeline overview.

Two weeks in to the bearded journey.

Two words:

Keep going.

We reckon the 2 week beard stage is the most dangerous time for any prospective beardsmen. And there are two main reasons why: i) it can really starts to itchy like hell (so it just becomes unbearable) and ii) societal pressure from colleagues, girlfriends, family and so on.

And often when those two mix together, guys just give in and go bald face. Not good.

That’s why in today’s post we are going to thoroughly address these exact two issues and help you get through this strenuous time:

First Reason: “Your beard is itching like a mother fluffer”

All beardsmen have been there.

Right bang in the middle of the dreaded itchy beard phase. At two weeks, you like might have just finished or literally right in the very brink of it.

This is when you’re at your most likely to shave off what you’ve grown so far.

But please just hold on. Trust us, it gets easier. As it gets longer, believe it or not the hairs become less rigid and feel softer - being less irritable to your skin. Sort of counter-intuitive but just keep on growing!

Whatever you don’t, just don’t shave it off otherwise it starts the itchy beard cycle off again. Which basically goes as follows.

A guy will take a standard beard trimmer to it, serrating the beard hairs, leaving it jagged - everything is fine at first, but as the hairs start to slowly grow out to about a quarter inch, it’s perfect to dart straight into your face. And since they are so short, they don’t bend.

However, as they got longer, there is more flex so they don’t rub directly into your skin and when you start to smoothly trim the ends off the beard, they become smoother too.

If you are really struggling still, we recommend two things:

i) beard softening oil for stubble (luckily for you, we’ve got some right here)


ii) beard moisturiser balm (which is perfect for beards that are still super short, like what you will be sporting at the two week mark).

These should at least help to moisturise your skin fully as well, calm down irritation and soften up the hairs - in all, reducing the amount of irritation whilst it grows out properly.

Do one of them at night (it can be either the oil or the moisturiser) and the other in the morning, alternate. Just don’t use them both at the same time as they can cause your face to get a little too greasy.

Odd Snarks & Comments

At this stage you are going to start to come across the odd comment. You know:

  • Like are you going to shave yet?
  • What’s that growing from your face?
  • You too lazy not to shave?

You know the like.

And it is something that’s not really talked about in the bearded community enough - where even now there still seems to be a slight stigma attached to a guy wanting to grow out their beard.

This combined with the fact that at around this stage, your stubble-come-beard is pretty much at its most awkward stage and just not generally a good look.

And since you feel like you haven’t really committed yet, it doesn’t feel like you’ve got much to lose by shaving it all off. Produces the perfect cocktail for guys to reach over and grab the shaver. -

But we urge you not to and put it the hell back down.

Remember, you started bearding for a reason - remember exactly why again now and remind yourself.

If you don’t care about the naysayers, then more power to you.

For those who struggle (I know I did), don’t bow down to the pressure, you will often find the very same people who were having a go are the very same people who compliment you once your beard is fully grown out and saying how much it suits you.

One little trick we do like to recommend is to start growing your beard may be a week or a bit before decembeard - then you’ve got the perfect excuse for why you are doing it.

Plus, you are putting your beard growing it out for a freaking awesome cause too.

Hey, if you’re really ambitious, join it up with Movember and you’re winning - that’s over two months of proper beard growing time and by that time it’s going to start looking like a proper beard.

If you want a bit more support then we highly recommend joining a local beard club (they are literally all over the country, a great set of folks who are nothing but encouraging to guys who are just getting started with bearding - plus it’s a great laugh too).

In truth, you know exactly what to do at this stage.

The same thing you have been doing the last two weeks:

Leave the shaver exactly where it is.

Ensure you really make the most of your beardy aspirations?

This is something we think a lot of guys who have just started out on their bearded journey will appreciate.

The Robin Hood Beard Co. Beard Kit.

It’s designed to save you money and keep bearding… simple.

It contains three of the essential beard care products (made by us right here in UK, Nottinghamshire) that your beard needs to thrive and is handcrafted with quality sourced ingredients.

In turn, this probably gives your beard the best head start it can - and being just two weeks in, makes for perfect timing.

Like we say though if you do have any problems with your beard, looking for a little beard advice or just want a general chit-chat about the fur that grows from your face - then pop over to our contact form and just send us a message. We get back to you pretty sharpish.

Take it easy and stay bearded.

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