2 Month Beard: Progress Care Guide

2 Month Beard: Progress Care Guide

Note: this article is a series in our beard growth stages timeline overview.

Now at the 2 month beard stage, your beard will really have started to settle in.

You will see where the main weaknesses of your beard are as well as the strengths, and you will probably be thinking about getting it trimmed right around now.

And that’s fair enough.

However, we’d only recommend the basics.

You’ve still got time to let your beard grow in a bit, there is likely going to still to be some slow growing hairs coming through and it’s worth giving them a month to catch up.

So in this guide.

We’re going to assume that you are regularly using beard care products and maybe started to introduce some styling products also.

And in general taking good general care of it.

But what we will however be discussing is the subtle art of ‘beard pruning’ - this involves sorting out the lines of your beard as well as dealing with the ends of your beard.

Beard Cheek Line

When it comes to shaping up your beard cheek lines specifically, they are more optional depending on you want your beard to look. If it’s more natural, we recommend skipping it over. If you want it looking neat and sharp go with the following:

You will see that for your beard the cheek lines should flow quite naturally or at least have a distinctive edge.

We recommend just getting hold of a decent trimmer and marking the edge of the cheek line slightly in natural curve that links about an inch down from your side burn across your face and into the bottom edge of your moustache.

The real trick to this is try have it looking as parallel to your other cheek line as you can.

Beard Neck Line

Now this is where so, so, so many beard guys go wrong.

They mistake the neckline for their jaw line and the result is just not great. We’ve seen months worth of growth ruined by this mistake.

Luckily, your neckline line is really simple to find.

Like you’re pointing a gun with your index and middle finger, place, them just above your adam’s apple. Roughly there is where your neckline falls. Then the line goes around to the bottom corners of your jaw and upwards towards your side burn again.

It’s not and we repeat it’s not around your chin and jawline.

Again, use a razor to shave away the excess. If you are really unsure (which I was to be fair when first growing out a beard) visit a proper bearded barber, and they will look after you.

From there, they set up a template for you to work from.

To be honest, from there, I just went over the same lines they did each week to help make it last - then from there you just start to gradually pick up where the lines start to go.

Then as you start to get more confident and turn ‘pro’, you can practicing beard fading. Where you set the beard trimmer to different lengths and fade the bead in.

If however, you are looking to grow quite a substantial bead - talking more than four inches long - then chances are you don’t really need to be all that concerned with the beard neckline. You will need to however employ some trimming techniques for longer beards.

Beard Pruning

The art of beard pruning.

This can be quite a therapeutic experience to be fair.

Make sure you have a quality pair of beard scissors (definitely not the kind of scissors you use to trim up paper otherwise you can say hello to being riddled with beard split ends).

Then feel around for where the ends of your beard might feel a little rough or starting to split go a little bit below (to be fair at this stage you are unlikely to run into this issue, but it’s worth checking all the same) also check for those hairs that are sticking out which there is just no hope for and give them a slight snip.

The trick is don’t be ‘snip’ happy.

Keep it reserved and only trim bits that you really know need trimming. If you are unsure, just leave it.

Just make sure once you are done, that you just go over your beard with a few splashes of beard oil again, just to soothe up the rough ends you might have caused.

Trimming up at the barbers

If you are really unhappy with how you beard is looking at this point, then head over to a beard barber if you don’t quite trust yourself - that said as a rule of thumb we do recommend three months of beard growth before you take any sort of real trimming or cutting to it to get it styled up.

That said, you’ve done pretty awesome to get to this stage - so you are at the sort of point where enough is enough, then we totally get it. However, after you have had it trimmed up we urge you to go at least another two months without a trim and you should be about there and a decent beard size.

Make sure your beard is getting the best care possible.

I’m sure you are taking good care of your beard at this stage.

But having to change around products - not entirely sure what you are getting and whether you even need it or not - can be pretty daunting, not to mention expensive.

That’s why we came up with a pretty neat solution.

An, all in one beard care package.

Designed to help you with two things:

  1. i) Collectively help you save money

  1. ii) Provide you with the best beard care products.

So, all you’ve got to really to do is concentrate on growing out that beard.

Like always though, if you have any questions about your beard at the two month stage, if you have any problems, anything you are worried about - you know where to find us and drop us a message - and we’re always happy to help.

Still bearding fella’s.

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