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17 Beard Growth Tips (You Should Start Using Today)

June 18, 2018 9 Comments

Beard Growth Tips

Explore the range of beard growth tips below. 

Growing a beard.

It isn’t actually as simple as:

Just put down that razor and wait it out.

Well it is, it’s just that if you want a beard that looks darn awesome, then actually there’s actually quite a lot of work that goes into it.

I mean if you didn’t wash, cut or comb and brush - you know, generally look after the hair coming from your scalp - how do you think that would end up looking after 3 months?

Funny enough, it’s not all that different for a beard either.

That’s why we thought in today’s post we are going to be quite hard hitting with some awesome beard growth tips - so as you are growing it out - you are giving it the best chance possible to be even more awesome than it already is.

So let’s get to it:

Apply Beard Oil Every Single Day

This one goes without saying really, and ideally this should be number one, two, three and four and… some on this list.

If there’s one JUST ONE thing that you take away from this post.

To dramatically improve the look, feel and health of your beard.

Pick yourself up a quality beard oil.

Luckily for you, we make plenty - using only the finest ingredients - craft it by hand to ensure we make just the very best.

And then apply it your beard daily (ideally just after, you’ve taken a warm relaxing shower).

Using More Than One Product in a Day? Make Sure the Scents Match.

This is an issue we see a lot (or should we say smell a lot).

They’ve ended up using one scent for their moustache wax, another for their beard oil and then another for the beard balm.

Don’t be this guy.

Use only the same scent on each product, regardless, otherwise they all end up conflicting with one another rather than complimenting each other to create a richer tone.

Help Your Beard Appear Thicker and Darker

We actually discuss this at some length right here on making a beard look darker naturally. However, a few tricks you can do right off the bat - are wearing darker clothing, applying beard oil,  brushing your beard inwards and so on.

Got a Bearded Idol?


Print it off and stick it near your bathroom mirror. Instead of concentrating on the apparent ‘lack of progress’ your beard is making, instead draw on some beardspiration from your beardy idol.

Prepare for the Inevitable Haters

This might catch you a little off guard.

Even today, despite the somewhat of a beard revolution that’s occurred, they sometimes get a bit of stick - so be prepared from colleagues, family members, friends and the like - to get a bit of a ribbing.

Jealous much

However, it is getting to you, we recommend going for the movember challenge (but just grow out a full on beard) and carry on to the decembeard too.

Use Beard Moisturiser to Ease the Itch.

If you are struggling with a particularly itchy beard then it’s worth trying out the duo-softening-combo by picking up a beard moisturiser balm to help ease the itchy during the day.

Apply the beard oil on at night - to do the intensive work.

Then the balm to help soothe it out during the day.

Use Beard Texture Balm to Keep it in Place.

This is for guys with bigger beards (exceeds two inch).

As your beard grows bigger and bigger, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to hold it all in place - especially if you don’t keep on top of it.

The best way to do that makes use of some rather awesome beard texture balm (also commonly referred to as beard pomade).

Of course giving it a regular comb down as well as a trip to the barbers wouldn’t go amiss either.

  1. Use a Moustache Wax to Style them Devilish Whiskers.

A moustache makes the beard.

You know how accessories ‘make’ the outfit. This is exactly what your moustache does for the rest of your beard, too many guys are going without - and then wondering why ‘my beard’ doesn’t look as good as ‘his’.

It’s all in the details.

And this is one of them details that gets missed time and time again.

Fix it, and pick up a tin.

Make Sure You Shape Your Beard Regularly.

We go over how to straighten your beard here.

But when it comes to actually shaping the beard (especially if you want to keep it around mid to short length) make sure you are working the lines - cheek and neck.

You don’t want to be sporting a serious case of neckbeard.

It’s not a good look on anyone.

Don’t Overwash Your Beard.

This is something that tends to happen way too often.

Guys will complain that they are regularly using or grooming products (great work!) but still ask why it is itching. It takes a bit of digging from us to probe around to find the issue - but most the time…

It’s ‘cause they are washing their beards almost everyday, stripping all the natural beardy goodness that resides in their beard.

And chances are, they aren’t washing it with anything that’s doing their beard any favours either.

Find a Beard Barber You Can Trust.

Put it this way (and from past experiences learned) not all barbers are made equal.

Lucky for us.

We found our trusted barber.

You need to find yours, the best way to do that? Ask other bearded friends who they’d recommend or at least do your due diligence and check up on the reviews.

Trust us, if you like your beard - you definitely want to put some time into finding the right beard barber

Don’t Trim or Shave for AT LEAST the First Two Months.

This is a common mistake from new beardie fellows.

They think at the one month stage, they’ve got a bit of beard, so they go ahead and trim it off.

Before the rest of the hairs have even had chance to play catch up.

They end up constantly trying to grow out their beards but to no avail - and whey do, it ends up looking like a complete mess.

Find a Beard Company You Like and Can Trust

That one’s easy.

If you ever have any questions.

Any at all.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us.

Avoid the Bathroom Mirror

When growing out your beard, this your worst enemy.

It’s a little like losing weight - where everyday (even more than once a day) you are checking the scales to see if you have lost any weight - then get down about it.

With the bathroom mirror though you are constantly checking and reviewing the state of your beard.

Just leave it.

Feed the Beard

We like to call this feeding the inner beard.

Make sure it is getting the all the proper nutrition, proteins and vitamins by feeding yourself the right food. A lot of beardsmen in particular advocate the use of Biotin.

Exercise for the Benefit of Your Beard

Like sleep, exercise induces a higher state of testosterone which is closely related to the ability to grow out a beard.

So don’t stress (as this can promote cortisol, an inhibitor of testosterone).

Enjoy Your Beard (Don’t Take it too Seriously)

All the above sort of sounds rather serious.

When really having a beard is about having a bit of fun.

And getting together with other like minded beard folk.

So the final tip is to get yourself down your local beard club and have a laugh.

All 17 of those tips are just one half of the equation…

Now knowing what to do with your beard will get you so far.

And from those 17 tips above, you will be far and beyond the average beardsman’s knowledge when it comes to look after his beard but of course you still need to have quality beard products to go on to your beard to make sure it is the best that it can be.


We’ve made this half of the equation really easy.

Simply pick up this.

Everything we talked about above, can be handled by this kit. It comes with a quality beard oil, beard moisturiser (with additional hold) as well as a trusted stache wax to keep your unruly whiskers at bay.

(P.s. if you really can’t decide on the scent between the three of them, we recommend you opt for The Outlaw - put it this way, there’s a reason it is our best seller).

Want some more beard talk?

Hopefully, in this case, you have picked up a thing or two with the beard growth tips, but maybe there is something that you didn’t grasp fully or there is something you are a little puzzled with? If so, I encourage you to reach out and buzz us across an email.

 We love talking to bearded folk and those who are wanting to start bearding and just looking for a little bit of guidance on where to look and what to do next. If so, head over to this page.

And drop us a few lines.

Either way no worries and stay bearding. Take it easy.  

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