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10 Reasons Growing A Beard Is Awesome

August 19, 2016

10 Reasons Growing A Beard Is Awesome

Beards are awesome, let’s face it, they make us the men we are, inspire personality and increase testosterone. Can you even remember the last time you flaunted a shaven face? I can but only briefly, years ago was the last time I chose the razor, and even that was reluctant. Whatever your beard style or length, we all have many reasons we have a beard.  

Here’s 10 reasons having a beard is AWESOME

1.) It turns you from boy to man

Remember back when you were 16 and grew your first pair of sideburns, serious 70’s style sideburns that curled all the way down to the side of your cheek. That was a big stepping stone turning into your late teens but was only the tip of the iceberg. It’s been documented that men feel more adult when they get a job, a house or girlfriend but for us bearded guys I think it’s safe to say it’s when we grew our first real beard. That feeling you could live in a cave, eat deer and wash your clothes in the river with the bears. We have the beard......the power and the primal instinct, this is when you’re no longer a boy!

2.) Women love it


Going from personal experience and past exploits, 50/50 of women dig a guy with a beard, just like us men like different types of women, women like different types of men. But a big big but..... Wanna know a little secret? The other 50 percent secretly love it too! They say they don’t, but they do. The reason for that is they’ve never been with a guy with a beard so it’s not what their used to, so they find it difficult to adapt a different taste. So show them what they’ve been missing and wear your beard big and bold! The guy who stands out from the crowd wins! Not just any beard though, a well groomed one. We can help there. 

3.) No scarf....No problem

If you’re a beard fiend who happens to not live in a beach hut in Hawaii, then you’ll agree this is one of most awesome things about being bearded..... The warmth. Rain, sleet, snow, hurricanes, you name it, we’ve got it covered. Nothing compares to going out in the blistering cold and your face is the warmest part, no shivering and quivering. Grab your parka, grab your hat and go and grab the sledge. GAME ON!

4.) It saves you money

All the years wasting money on razors and shaving foam, after shave and moisturizer. All bulks up right? What’s that, like £10 a month on razors alone, and that’s without the extras.  Grab yourself a comb, some cheap beard shampoo and conditioner, some beard oil and that will last you months and start saving the pennies. Say no to the razor and love your bank balance again!

5.) It cures boredom

It’s scientifically proven that stroking and fondling your beard when in boring situations promotes brain exploration and expansion. The best thoughts and ideas occur when you’re right in the thick of it. It’s like a spark plug of concentration waiting to happen. So the next time you’re stuck in the waiting room, stuck in traffic, watching a show your girlfriend put on or looking busy at work. A quick fondle works wonders!

6.) It makes a great cushion

Haven’t changed your pillows in a while? Stuck on the train? Don’t wanna leave the sofa? Your kid fell asleep on you? We’ve got it covered! The beard makes an excellent cushion in bizarre places. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, it’s all good. Also the longer it is the more cushion you’ll have so grow it long!

7.) It makes you look meaner

I’m definitely not the first guy to be in a compromising situation, someone’s had a few too many, somebody’s cut you up on the road or someone’s trying to chat your girl up. A guy with a beard looks much fiercer than the guy without. So in the words of the wise, make it work to your advantage, hold your chest out, keep eye contact and let the beard do the talking. Beards promote dominance and superiority amongst others, never forget one of most awesome things about having a beard!

8.) It boosts power in the gym

If you’re a regular gym goer then you know exactly what I mean when I say having a beard promotes power in the gym. You’re having a bad set? Can’t shift the weight? Checking out your awesome beard in the mirror boost primal efforts! You see the bearded man reflected and know what you need to do. Connect with the animal inside and make the beard work you harder than ever before!

9.) Were more passionate lovers

Let’s face it, from time to time every relationship needs an extra injection of something else. But being a bearded guy, it boosts sexual attraction towards the opposite sex making impulses more desirable. Bearded guys are more genuine when it comes to pleasing their woman, we put the woman first and don’t stop until the jobs done! And every woman wants a beard to grab on to!

10.) It makes you look confident

When important situations arise you need to be the most confident you can be, for us bearded guys, all the eyes are on us in those situations. We look like the leader in the pact, with the most resilience and most authority. How we conduct and command is through the confidence of the beard, be bold and brassy, make it go in your favour. Speak up and hold your beard high for the world to see. Confidence prevails success!

An easy way to grow the best beard you can?

Here’s one simple way to make sure you grow out an awesome beard.

To ensure that it smells freaking delicious.

Won’t irritate you with itching, dandruff and split ends.

Where you won’t have a beard that is sticking out everywhere and looks like a wiry, scraggly mess.

It’s simply, invest in your beard with one of these beard grooming sets. Every scent is unique and gorgeous (but there seems to be a clear favourite occurring, and quite frankly we can’t blame you guys - it’s awesome).

And make sure you are using the conditioning products daily and the styling product when you must.

Trust us, your beard will thank you for it.

Bottom line, beards are awesome!! Grow one!

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